Ditch Your Ugly Phone Case—We Found the Best Ones on the Internet

So you’re on your commute, walking down the street, in a meeting, out at a bar, snapping a pic with your friends, on a run, FaceTiming your nephew, calling your boss, watching Netflix on the treadmill, or sending a mirror selfie to your significant other — about a million different things we do in the day involve one simple item: our phone. And while we’re all in favor of less screen time, we’re also aware that our phones are a pretty permanent fixture in our lives — meaning they serve as an opportunity to put our best foot forward and showcase a little style.

Dozens of different people see your phone a day — so why not let it speak for you? Here, we’re sharing our favorite phone cases for a bunch of different phone types — so your device can be safe, cute, and original.


iPhone 6/6s/7/8


iPhone 6/7/8 Plus


iPhone X/XS


Samsung Galaxy



  • Nicki V

    I feel so left out – what about us XR’s?

  • Ruby

    How about eco-friendly options such as Pela cases ?

  • Amanda

    Three different iPhone categories, one category for all Galaxys and no other options? This “article” looks like the list I get from typing ‘cute phone case’ into Amazon. Please put some more effort into your work.

  • MB

    The Daily Edited have gorgeous cases and straps, but sadly I can’t justify that price…