Chicago’s Randolph Street Flea Market Opens This Weekend!

Just as the weather’s taken a turn for the bright and sunny, and we’ve hauled our sundresses and sandals from their wintertime storage, comes one more telltale sign of spring: The Randolph Street Market Festival. Take a trip to Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood tomorrow and Sunday to spend an afternoon perusing row after row of vintage clothing, antiques, housewares, and more. Why do we love the Market? For the one-of-a-kind budget-friendly home goods, fancy foods, vintage baubles, and not to mention the myriad of adorable dogs strolling the grounds. Tickets are a must, but at just $10 a pop ($8 if you buy in advance), they’re a small price to pay for an Everygirl’s favorite start of the season. Will we see you there? Find the details here.

Last summer editor Danielle Moss purchased the bar cart she uses as a nightstand at the Randolph Market for $79. photo by Stoffer Photography for Rue Magazine

And two years ago, editor Alaina Kaczmarski picked up a turquoise birdcage for $30 to add some additional flair to her neutral dining room. photo by Maia Harms

Does your city have a flea market you frequent that you can recommend to other Everygirls in your area? If so, what’s your favorite flea market purchase?