Coava Coffee in Portland

  • Photography by: Katie Kett
  • Copy by: Darlene Campos

Coava Coffee has been a long time watering hole for coffee connoisseurs in the northwest. Coava, by definition, means unroasted or “green.” The carefully selected coffees are sourced by Coava’s founder Matt Higgins and arrive at their Portland headquarters as coava – unroasted green coffee beans. It is here where it is carefully roasted in small batches to preserve the integrity of the coffee and produce the richest flavor. The results are nothing short of excellent, making Coava a destination for coffee lovers everywhere.

The roasting and preparation of Coava Coffee is meticulous. For the most accurate and efficient processing, Coava purchases and roast its single source coffee by the kilogram. This seemingly small detail helps reduce coffee waste to less than one pound per week, just one of the many ways Coava is environmentally conscious while producing exceptional quality coffees that are complex and perfectly balanced.

We stopped by Coava’s brew bar and roastery in southeast Portland for a taste and instantly became fans. The long bamboo coffee bar is lined with Chemex coffeemakers and baristas, skillfully preparing each cup of coffee. Ther are no syrups or flavors in sight, allowing the taste of the coffee to really shine.

Coava shares it’s space with Bamboo Revolution in an open 10,000 square foot showroom with incredible light and farmhouse style tables that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.