Coffee Talk: Desktop Organization

The desktop. Is is just us, or does this rather small space regularly become a dumping ground for notebooks, unopened mail, knick knacks, electronics, coffee mugs, scraps from lunch, and then some? The area that should be tidy, uncluttered, and promote productivity ends up drowning under the remnants from day to day life. The lists we make and products we accumulate to help us get through our work often pile up, eventually thwarting our eagerness to do said work. It’s a vicious cycle.

Tell us–how do you keep your work or study space organized? Do you have favorite desktop accessories you rely on (pen cups, inboxes, notepads, etc.)? Or do you tend to hide everything in drawers and cabinets and keep the workspace empty? Do you prefer neutral colors in the work area or a bright palette like the rainbow-hued accessories above? What are your favorite desktop accessories?

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