Coffee Talk: Do You Belong Somewhere Else?

  • Copy by: Anna Mathias

Craving a sense of belonging, specifically belonging someplace, is natural—it’s human. Many of us have felt this sort of displacement—it seems as though where you are and who you are aren’t in sync. That odd feeling permeates through everything and nothing feels completely right. Then, you imagine a particular place—perhaps you read about it, watched it on TV, or had the chance to visit before and you know that city, town, or country is where you are supposed to be. That setting, wherever it may be, is where your life will fall into place.

So, the Everygirl wants to know, do you feel you belong somewhere else? Have you at some point in your life? Did you move there or did you become content with where you were? If you have dealt with these feelings, what advice can you give to those who are currently experiencing them?