Coffee Talk: Travel Tips for The Everygirl

Happy Monday, Everygirls! We’re heading to Boston tomorrow and want to know all of your travel tips! We’ll start.

Alaina travels light and can be found in the aisle seat fast asleep while listening to her “sleepy time mix” on her iPod.

Danielle always has her camera, lenses, iPad, and laptop in her carry on. She cannot sleep on a plane and usually spends her time working on her laptop or watching a movie on her iPad from the window seat. Music is also a must (on her iPhone, of course). We love our apple products.

Now it’s your turn. What must haves do you bring on the plane? Do you read, sleep, listen to music, or watch movies? How early do you get to the airport? Do you prefer a window or aisle seat? What are your favorite travel snacks? What’s your favorite airline?

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