Coffee Talk: What Cues You to Stay Healthy?

While schedules continue to fill up with work engagements, holiday parties, end of year business meetings, and prep for the New Year, it’s tougher than ever to stay aware and in tune with your mental and physical well being. So when we hear there’s a way to effortlessly incorporate mindful habits and activity, consider our interest piqued.

Fossil Q is Fossil’s new wearable tech line, designed specifically to track your activity, calories burned, inspire your curiosity, and allow you to receive filtered notifications from the connected app all while fitting seamlessly into your everyday life.

So whether we’re cooking, writing, reading, or working, it’s there to cue us to stay in touch with our health and activity, challenge ourselves, and inspire change and movement.

We’d love to know: What cues do you follow to keep yourself moving, inspired, and healthy? Do you wait until you’re totally burned out to slow down or make a little time each day for some fresh air and exercise? Do you rely on a pedometer or scale to prompt you to get moving?

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  • Emily Eberhard

    Making a routinne helps me to stay healthy. That way i dont have to think about it its just becomes part of my every day. That and trying to keep sugar out of the house!

  • Caitlin Ridgeway

    I create a routine that includes preparing healthy meals, carving out time for friends, exercise, and hobbies and I also rely heavily on my Jawbone to keep me aware of my activity and water intake – especially on long work days!

  • nicolacash

    I add a vitamin C supplement packet to my water every morning, go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and I plan my meals in advance so I’m less tempted to go out for lunch at Chipotle haha

  • Maggie

    Mine is all about my mood. If I’m cranky for no reason I know I need to be eating better, moving more and getting some fresh air!

  • Maggie

    Mine is all about my mood. If I’m cranky for no reason I know I need to be eating better, moving more and getting some fresh air!

  • Rachel Moran

    I’ve noticed one of the biggest health cues for me is around sleep. If I’m really overtired, I can tell that my immune system isn’t up to its full potential. Also, trying to keep fresh produce around and already prepared for the morning makes it a lot easier to have a healthier diet when I’m in a rush to get to work.

  • Danielle

    Every morning I write 1-3 pages focusing on my gratitude as well as my hopes and plans for the day ahead. I find that by writing it all out, I’m more able to remember/stay on track with my intentions!

  • A large part of staying healthy is in having the right mindset. The first step is, I think, doing what you feel like doing, and not succumbing to social pressures or demands. Being mindful of my body and my mind’s needs allows me to stay on top of a healthy routine that includes good, nutritious food, exercise, and always something to keep me inspired.

  • Morgan

    Getting and staying healthy is always ever changing for me. Working out and eating healthy makes me feel so much better in many different aspects of life. Sometimes if I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed I try to take a step back and prioritize what I need to do. A workout or quick walk through my neighborhood always helps clear my mind and set me straight!

  • Mara

    To stay healthy I make working out each day a priority. If something comes up last minute and I haven’t worked out yet, I will treat my workout like I’m paying for a counseling session and I cannot miss it… If that makes any sense. An hour of activity not only helps with my stress levels but attributes to a healthy sleep cycle and overall energy throughout my days.

  • Kaitlyn

    I like to start each day with a walk to the park. It helps get my metabolism going and it always puts me in a great mindset. I also do my best to eat many small meals throughout the day so I don’t heavily indulge during dinner. Having dogs is also really great for your health, since they need to be walked everyday.y Plus they’re just so fun to play with and release some energy!

  • Arielle Estes

    I agree with Maggie. When I notice I’m not being upbeat and am taking work home, I know I need to check-in on my self-care. Eating better, taking time to do things I enjoy, and of course moving my body in some sense… yoga, group fitness, or hitting the gym!

  • Dee

    It’s challenging creating a routine with a new baby and returning to work but I try to get up early to make time for myself in the mornings.

  • Kayla Gonzalez

    I take 10 minutes every morning to reflect on the healthy choices I’ve made throughout the week. This helps me realize what makes me feel good and encourages me to keep making healthy choices when it comes to meal time or exercising throughout the day. I love dancing and keeping it in my exercise regimen gives me something to look forward to! There’s also nothing like a good hot pilates or barre class at my fitness studio in Tallahassee!

  • Asia

    The best way for me to stay on track is having a plan and I set reminders on my phone telling me to choose healthy snacks/meals and to get up and move while working at a desk all day. I love the style of the Fossil Q though! I have been looking for something like this for a while now that would match my daily looks!!

  • Amy

    To stay healthy, I try to eat healthful foods, sleep an adequate amount, laugh with family and friends, run or walk in the sunshine, do things that make me happy, and avoid screens.

  • Marquisha Lawrence

    Honestly, I add it to my planner! At the top of each week with my planner, I put three check boxes for workouts and add a journaling and green tea moments as a to-do item each day. Also, I make green smoothie a couple of days a week to last for the week.

    I would love it to be a part of my natural groove, but the check boxes are keeping me on track, mostly.

  • Michelle Owens

    I push myself to make sure I don’t miss my Monday night workout… I have found that getting that workout in sets off the rest of my week in the right way and I am more likely to execute meal planning, get to bed earlier, and get the remaining workouts for the week in, plus it helps to get rid of the Monday blues.

  • Veronica

    I stay mentally and physically healthy by taking time out of my day to run. I find running outdoors for an hour 4 times a week gives me time to think, and keeps me in great shape. Plus, since starting running with a running group in spring, I’ve made a lot of new friends, and I ran my first marathon two weeks ago.

  • Marguerite Workman

    Making it simple. My dog is my workout partner and he never says no to a walk or run. Make sure that I hit my fit bit goals! Always moving. Eat one big salad everyday and make sure that I am eating more whole foods than anything else. Life is short so enjoy and if that involves a Christmas Cookie or two, indulge. That is what makes life sweet!

  • Kelly mc

    I’m all about a routine!

  • Elizabeth Guthmiller

    I spend a few hours on Sunday to meal plan/prep for the week. This has helped my diet tremendously as I am not tempted to stray from the plan when I am busy.

  • Ruthie V

    I usually wait until I’m on the verge of being burned out… I’m trying to get better at prioritizing taking care of myself as well as taking care of my relationships. Not easy, but what usually gets me to do it is knowing I’ll be able to work much better if I do =P. Dont know if that’s a good motivation, but it works ;).

  • meredith kaiser

    I think accountability is a huge factor for me at least to be healthy. Having a workout partner works best for me but it sounds like he could be replaced by one of the Fossil Q accessories!

  • Juliana P

    I like to listen to how my body feels after I eat certain things. When I eat a donut or no veggies I immediately feel really sluggish and sick and this reminds me why I like to eat healthy!

  • Lauren B

    I use my lunch break at work to go to the gym. We have one at our work that has wonderful classes. It’s hard to give up the relaxing lunch, but I never regret it!

  • Kate

    I find meal prepping on Sunday afternoon helps keep me on track during the rest of the week! I also make sure to keep my water bottle handy at all times to be sure I’m staying hydrated!

  • Morgan Roberts

    I always carry my water bottle with me. This reminds me to drink more water. I also use the health app on my iPhone to keep track of my steps.

    • Morgan Roberts

      And I followed on Instagram

  • Hannah, Olivia Blush Design

    While I always leave myself space for spontaneity, staying organized keeps me feeling mentally at ease, so I love using a planner regularly! I will plan my days in advance, but also recap my days and leave little blurbs to remember how I was feeling at a particular moment. I honestly find that giving myself some mental space keeps me physically healthy as well!

  • Nicole

    Meal planning is huge. I plan our dinners for the week, clean out the fridge, grocery shop and do some small meal prep every Sunday (hard boil eggs, make infused waters, shred lettuce, make protein pancakes). Having a clean, stocked fridge and a plan for the week is great motivation. Also, making clear, manageable goals is so important. I don’t want to create the expectation that I need to exercise everyday and then get disappointed and give up when I don’t meet that. Instead I plan out 3 workouts for the week, and if I manage more than that, I feel so accomplished!

  • esmayJD

    I make a routine and stick to it no matter what! If I tell myself that I have to work out 3 days a week, and it has to be at these certain times, I will feel bad for missing it, so it keeps me accountable! Also drinking lots of water helps me stay healthy!

  • Christine

    My word of the year – balance – has kept me motivated and has been my cue to include healthy meals and physical activity in my daily routine. I’ve realized that slip ups happen, treats happen, drinks happen… and sometimes a girl just needs to feed her soul. With that, I also need to remember the other end of the spectrum 🙂

  • I don’t like working out and I’m not very good at taking care of myself but I do love cooking and I am very good at being organized. So, my cue to staying healthy is putting my organizing and cooking skills to use by meal planning (I make large batches of quinoa and brown rice on Sundays) and by scheduling exercising and jogging using my planner and the couch-to-5k/10k app. Doing that ahead of time means I’m making myself a promise and by sticking to my ‘schedule’, I feel very organized and on top of things 🙂

  • Morgen Schröder

    May be TMI, but my #1 cue is my poo! If I’m not regular, something’s not right!

  • Jen

    I like to keep a big glass of water on my desk as a reminder to stay hydrated. I also love keeping fruit out on my countertop as an easy snack!

  • Kylie

    I stay hydrated and start every morning with a balanced breakfast. That way, even if treats pop up throughout the day, my body feels good.

  • Megan Rasmussen

    I like to put out healthy foods in easy reach. That way if I’m feeling hungry, I’ll go for something easy and healthy.

  • Nicole

    If I’m in a bad mood or feeling lethargic, it’s almost always because I’ve been lacking in my exercise routine! Getting some fresh air completely changes my mood and energizes me!

  • I like to keep a routine too, but lately sleep has become important. I have created a bed time routine where the lights go low, I light candles and give myself some time to relax, then maybe read a book or magazine – and try to minimize the temptation to look at the phone till the next morning. Minimizing tech use before bed has been supremely helpful to getting a better quality sleep. The only times I tend to make less time to keep account of staying healthy is during important deadline periods, which are not that often.

  • Chrissy

    My cue is when I’m feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of control. Then I know its time to regroup, refocus and make time for me.

  • Michon Barker

    Finding fun and delicious ways to cook healthy meals keeps me on track and I always keep a nice bright colored reusable filtered water bottle on my work desk to remind me to fill up and keep hydrated.

  • M Monaghan

    Working at an organic unpasteurized juice shop I’m constantly surrounded by like minded people conscious of their health. This way I stay more motivated or I talk to people about their own routines and recipes and new super foods they have tried etc. I love finding new things to try or add to my smoothies like blue-green algae and camu camu

  • Rachel Ernst

    I use the My Fitness Pal app to keep track of my food choices and I try to make sure at least one workout a week is with a fitness buddy to help with accountability.

  • Jennifer Fumagalli

    I write it down. If I write on my calender that I’m going to the gym or going for a run that day, it is already preplanned and scheduled for my day. For me if it’s written down there is no backing out of it.

  • Amelia Rutherford

    My mother is my cue. My entire life she has been diligent about working out & eating healthy & has instilled those habits in me. She makes healthy habits an inviting & rewarding part of life rather than something we are forced to do. She is an inspiring lady!