Creative Gifts or Buying Gifts

  • Copy by: Amy Phillips

When it comes to gift giving, there are generally two camps: the gift makers and the gift buyers. Making gifts yourself definitely gives them a more personal touch. Plus, this allows you to both tailor your gift to the person’s specific likes an interests and ensures that you don’t show up with the same gift as someone else. On the other side, there are store-bought gifts and while they are usually less personal, they don’t require any crafting skills or time to assemble. Another benefit is that if you somehow manage to buy the wrong color of fuzzy socks, there is always the option to return or exchange, so you can ensure that the recipient is completely happy with their present.

Which do you prefer, creative gifts or store-bought gifts? Does it depend on who the gift is for? Or is it more a matter of convenience and crafting ability (or lack there of)?

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