Decorating with Roommates

  • Copy by: Liza Rollins

At some point in your fabulous life, you will probably end up living with roommates. Post-college, it’s a much more affordable way to live—if you’re lucky, shack up with friends! But whether you are living with your best childhood friend or your sister-in-law’s cousin’s work acquaintance, there are a few things you can do to make roomie life much more enjoyable. 

Command Center 

To avoid getting locked out or finding Time Warner bills stuck between couch cushions, create a command center. It doesn’t have to be major—just a place to hang keys and store mail—but it will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes time to check the mailbox or pay bills. 

Source: Martha Stewart 

Source: Infarrantly Creative

Faux Mudroom

Bad news: Most roommate occupied homes don’t have a designated mudroom. More bad news: Boots and jackets will pile up, especially during the colder months. Instead of letting them form a mountain on an abandoned chair, create a “mudroom” space using hooks, crates, boot trays, etc. This way you can avoid the unpleasant “please don’t leave your slushy boots next to the coffee table” conversation. 

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Bathroom Organization 

Girls have lots of products. Do we use all of them? No. Will we part with them? Definitely not. Fitting all of you and your roommate’s soaps, lotions, and serums in one bathroom can seem daunting, which is why getting creative with storage is important. Storage units, shelves, and back-of-the-door organizers can keep your bathroom from looking like a Sephora post-tornado. 

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Clean Kitchen 

If you and your roommates are on different eating schedules, cooking different meals, etc., your kitchen can quickly become a cluttered disaster. Therefore, smart storage is essential to a shared kitchen. Keep cabinets organized, add open shelving, hang pots and pans to save space, and designate shelves in the fridge for each roommate. Clean kitchen, happy people. 

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: The Everygirl

Source: The Everygirl

Gallery Wall 

One advantage to having a roommate is combining art collections! The beauty of the gallery wall is that it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, so put your heads together and design a masterpiece! 

Source: The Everygirl

Source: The Everygirl


Precious Objects 

If you have room for it, place a bookshelf in the common space. That way, each of you has a chance to curate a few shelves of your most favorite books, framed pictures, and treasured trinkets. 

Source: Emily Henderson

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Source: Apartment Therapy 


Happy decorating!


Feature image: Homepolish