DIY Gold Leaf Ikea Console Table

Whether designing for myself or my interior design clients, I pride myself on being practical. I’m always asking myself: Is there something that can be refurbished? What do we have that could still work in the space? Can I find a more affordable version of this piece I love? 

For example, we recently needed a new television console for our living room and a few years ago, I purchased the Ikea Besta Burs desk in lacquer red. Needless to say the lacquer red would no longer work with the space or my current taste! I’d seen a few DIYs for gold leafing online (mostly for mirrors), and I knew if I painted it white and added a little gold, it would be the perfect mix of airy and glam that I was after. This DIY is very reasonable (it only cost me $11 for the kit!) and super easy! This technique would work on wood as well, so shop your basement, local thrift store, or snap up the Ikea desk if you want a little luxury for your space! 


Step 1:
This is optional, but I decided to spray paint the legs of the desk gold in case there were any gaps in the gold leafing. It’s not necessary, but it’s a simple step that makes the precaution worth it!

Step 2:
After the legs of the console dried, I assembled it. Remember, rather than applying the gold leaf to the legs separately, pay more attention to the areas that will be visible (for instance, leafing the base and tops of the legs isn’t necessary, as they won’t be seen). 

Step 3:
Place newsprint or a drop cloth underneath your console – the gold leaf can get messy!

Step 4:
Using an old paintbrush or foam brush, apply the adhesive to the legs. Wait about two minutes for the adhesive to get tacky before you can apply the gold leaf. While one area with the adhesive is setting up, you can apply gold leaf to the already tacky area. 

Step 5: 
Apply the gold leaf. Take one sheet at a time and wrap it around all sides of the leg then press down. It will tear apart in places but don’t worry, just keep pressing down. If there are multiple tears the leafing will appear cracked and antiqued – don’t worry, it will come together and look beautiful! If there are gaps, just apply more adhesive, and fill in with smaller pieces of gold leaf. 

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the legs are covered. 

Step 6:
Apply sealer to the gold leaf. 

Step 7:
Invite friends over and relish in your handiwork – they won’t believe the gold leafing was a DIY because it looks so good! Job well done; cheers to you!

  • jana bek

    Yay! As a huge fan of TheEverygirl I’m so excited to collaborate with you! I hope your readers are inspired by this DIY! XX jana

  • Rosemary Kelly

    Very elegant and a great DYI tutorial!

  • lwh13

    Amazing! This looks so so pretty.

    Warm Regards,

    • jana bek

      Thank you Alexandra!

  • Anee

    This is soo pretty! White and gold is such a classy combination.

    I did something similar with my dining table using gold leaf rub-n-buff. Turned out great! [pics on the blog]


    • jana bek

      Thanks Anee! I have to check out your dining table! xx jana

      • Anee

        Yayy! Thanks Jana 🙂

  • Pickles and Palmtrees

    I love it! But I have one question — where are the cords for the TV? Is this just for show or is the table functional without the cords showing?
    xo, Melanie

    • jana bek

      Hi Melanie! I photoshopped the cords but I’m planning on having an electrion hide the cords, I’m so glad you like it! xx jana

  • Ina

    Wow it looks gorgeous. You have great ideas!

    • jana bek

      Thanks so much Ina! xx jana bek

  • Wow, stunning! I can’t believe that’s an IKEA table.

    • jana bek

      Woo hoo! thanks so mucg Angelica!

  • You may have just inspired me to revamp my TV area. This is so great!

    xo Jessica

    • jana bek

      its SO easy Jessica! you should definitely try it! XX jana

  • imperfctconcept

    That looks really good! Loves it

    • jana bek

      Thank you!! xx jana

  • The gold leaf transforms the look…bravo! Happy Nesting.

    • jana bek

      Yay! so glad you like this DIY! xx jana

  • kelly

    Looks great! Where did you get the cute basket?

  • I’ve wanted wanted to try the gold leafing products, and this looks like a simple DIY project! Love the look.

  • Love this idea! It seems practical, which is great for my current budget, but also looks pretty. Quick question though, where are the cute stools under the console from?

  • Melissa

    I’m going to have to disagree on this looking good in person. I tried the same technique on a different Ikea piece and it looked SO BAD, because of all the gaps where the gold leaves ripped. The gold paint color was very different from the gold leaf’s color. Just my two cents…

  • Christina

    Hey where are the cute small pink benches from? Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    I would love this as an entryway table. Is the desk tall enough? I can’t tell by the picture. Thanks!

  • Hi! Can you tell me where those seats are from?

  • Eunhae Suh

    omg thats just my taste! i am planning to do this myself and i have a few questions. could you specify what kind of adhesive & sealer you used? it would be so mich helpful for me! 🙂

  • Tiffany Leigh

    Jana! Are you kidding me? This is stunning and looks so high end! Great job love.

  • This is one of our favorite IKEA hacks. Great job! We added you to our list of the Best IKEA Hacks here.

  • Hello! This is Absolutely Gorgeous…Just one question: Do I see the legs shorter than the original desk or you did cut them?


  • Shan

    I’m late to finding this post but i have the same red table and am dying to paint it. What kind of paint did you use for the top/drawers!?