Dress Up Your Boring Napkins with This Easy DIY

BRIKA co-founders Jen and Kena also believe that everyone has a creative spark, and a good DIY project is a perfect way to exercise that creativity. They spent a fun-filled afternoon with Toronto-based Maker Avril Loreti, a talented designer of colorful textiles, creating one-of-a-kind napkins using stamps made from items you probably already have around the house.

What you need:

  • Solid color napkins (you could also try tablecloths, tea towels, pillow cases, or any home textile piece)
  • Assortment of veggies (we used potatoes, a head of celery, and a head of garlic)
  • Cutting board
  • Kitchen knife and cutting utensils
  • Fabric paint or textile printing ink
  • Drop cloth
  • Foam brushes and paint brushes
  • Iron


Step 1: Create your stamps. Get creative with whatever you have in your kitchen! For pretty floral patterns, use the end of a celery stalk or cut a head of garlic in half. To make your own shapes, carve into a halved potato. When you’re carving the potatoes, make sure that the recessed area is at least about 1/4 away from the top.

Step 2: Use brushes to apply paint to the stamps evenly. A little paint goes a long way! If you add too much paint the stamp shape won’t come out very clearly, and the excess paint will also transfer to the fabric.

Step 3: Start stamping! Try using different shapes and colors to create a truly one-of-a-kind pattern.

Step 4: Let your work dry completely and heat fix the paint with an iron for 2-3 minutes once it has fully dried.

Tips and tricks:

  • Practice stamping on paper towel before working on your napkins.
  • Smooth out little globs of excess paint on your napkins with a small paintbrush or a Q-tip.
  • Try using different fruits, veggies, and household objects to create different shapes, such as a starfruit, artichoke or the end of a toilet paper roll.
  • Hand-wash or wash on gentle cycle