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Easy Workweek Lunches Worth Getting Excited About


While there’s quite a number of Everygirls working at their dream jobs, some of us are still tinkering about taking the big leap from the it-pays-the-bills jobs. Some days, to be honest, the only thing to look forward to is lunch. Turkey sandwiches and spinach salads are typically easy to pack and shave a few dollars off the bill. However, we’ve personally eaten our fair share and now we’re bored. Real talk. It’s time to spice up that lunch hour so we can effectively daydream about being our own boss or (insert your dream job here), and then finish the day off strong. 

Remember those charming little Lunchables filled with squares of turkey, cheese, crackers, and a nifty little snack your parents let you pick for a special elementary school lunch? Well, now that you’re all grown up and have sophisticated wine and cheese nights, why not infuse your tupperware with the same excitement? We like to pack what we affectionately call ‘Adult Lunchables’ with the crackers, cheese, and smoked meats you’d generally see on charcuterie boards or cheese plates. No wine here (whoops!), but a hearty green juice will cleanse your palate just as nicely. 

Whether you’re using leftovers or are simply treating yourself, we’re confident you’ll have fun eating lunch. Here’s how to make them:

Crackers or sliced French bread
Choice of sliced or smoked meats (peppered salami and prosciutto shown above)
Choice of cheese(s) (Swiss and cheddar shown here, but Manchego and Brie are both popular options)
Choice of chocolate
Healthy green juice

Directions: Assemble in your favorite glass container or lunch box, stack, and enjoy! 


Ok, ok so Adult Lunchables probably aren’t the most nutritious daily choice. Here are a few mouthwatering lunches worth getting excited about when you want to be a bit more practical! They all come together quite easily, but some you’ll want to make in advance and refrigerate.


1. Quinoa Quesadillas

2. Homemade Lobster Rolls

3. It’s Not Summer Yet Greek Pasta Salad

4. Spicy Brussels Sprouts & Avocado Salad

5. Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast


Share your Adult Lunchable or inspired work lunch with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #EverygirlFood. We’d love to see what you’re eating!