Emily Hard of Glossed and Found

“I realized that fashion and beauty aren’t about looking perfect or having the most on-trend outfit. It’s about having the confidence to be who you truly are and to allow your inner beauty to reflect on the outside.” Fashion video production wasn’t exactly what Emily Hard had in mind when she went into the media industry, but her tenacity, confidence, and unparalleled talent has led her to the role of producer and editor of the Glossed and Found.

Born to a director mother and actor/playwright father, Emily has creativity in her blood. After studying telecommunications at Indiana University, Emily began her career as a camera director for an ABC affiliate where she quickly learned that TV news was not where she wanted to be. Her passion for telling stories that matter ultimately led her to finding her niche as a filmmaker–often taking on projects that she loved despite the lower compensation.

Emily’s commitment to Glossed and Found through it’s early stages is proof that her “never give up” attitude pays off, with Glossed and Found now growing into a nationally renowned on-line video magazine. Today, Emily shares how her early projects and work experiences developed her skills as a filmmaker, now allowing her to share the stories of the many beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry leaders that Glossed and Found features.

Full Name: Emily Collins Hard
Age: 29
Current Title/Company: Producer & Editor at Glossedandfound.com
Educational background: BA in Telecommunications from Indiana University in Bloomington

What was your first job out of college? How did you land that position? What was the best lesson you learned while at your first job?
My first media job out of college was camera operator for an ABC affiliate. Specifically I ran the camera/telepromter for the morning news and then would shoot stand ups around town that would air on midday and evening news. I landed that position by applying for every TV opening. Working in a male dominated industry (even the job title was listed as cameraman) I learned that I set the tone for how others view me. For example, if I want to be perceived as a professional, I have to act like one. Also, I learned that I didn’t want to be doing TV news, which was an important milestone in my career. I learned that it was important to me to use my skills to make a difference and to tell stories that matter.

When did you land your position as Producer and Editor of Glossed & Found? What past experiences, either in past jobs or internships, helped you prepare for your current role?
I was in the right place at the right time. Also, I was willing to take a risk and invest my time in a project that didn’t make me any money but that I really loved. To be totally honest, I wasn’t prepared for my role. I had the basic skills but we created it as we went! I have transformed and grown as a filmmaker and editor because of Glossed and Found.

When did you first become interested in filmmaking? What sparked that interest?
I grew up in the theatre. My mom is a director and my dad an actor/playwrite. So I’ve always been interested in telling stories. When I went to college I decided instead of majoring in theatre, why not try something similar and learn new skills, which led me to TV/film.

What lead you to pursue your interest in filmmaking and turn it into a career? How does your educational background translate into the position you currently hold?
Just sheer tenacity! I didn’t want to fail or give up, I love telling people that I actually use the degree I earned in college. I use the skills I learned in the Telecom department at IU to land my first job. However, this industry is all about evolution, the technology is constantly changing and I had to evolve to stay relevant. So much of what I learned was because I went out and made mistakes, wanted to quit, but didn’t, and used the failures to fuel me to be better at what I do. I still do that.

Has the beauty and fashion industry always been a passion for you? Did you always know this was the industry for you?
No, it was never an interest for me! I feel like Anne Hathaway at the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada. I often still feel like I don’t belong in this industry, I’m always wearing the wrong thing and my hair never looks right, but then I realized that fashion and beauty aren’t about looking perfect or having the most on-trend outfit. It’s about having the confidence to be who you truly are and to allow your inner beauty to reflect on the outside.

What qualities would you say are essential for your job as Producer and Editor of Glossed and Found?
Hard work and dedication. Never being satisfied with how something looks, always wanting it to be better.

Has producing a fashion and beauty e-zine changed your outlook on the industry? What do you think is the biggest aspect of your business that might surprise other young women who dream of breaking into your industry?
The most amazing gift of meeting and filming literally hundreds of designers and artists (you name it we’ve filmed it) has been learning that all of these people started with a vision and passion. I LOVE hearing their stories, even the biggest designers had to believe in themselves, in what they were doing in the face of incredible obstacles and they didn’t give up. I am constantly in awe and I LOVE to share their stories with the world in hopes that we can inspire one more person not to give up on his or her passion. I really believe that we all have a purpose on this planet. It’s up to each of us to discover and share our gifts so that the world can be a better place.

What does an online video magazine offer their audience that differs from other fashion and beauty online resources like blogs, magazines, and websites?
We offer the opportunity to see and hear the person we are interviewing or profiling. Graham has a unique way of interviewing people that really brings out more than the norm. I think our viewers learn more or see a different side of the people we showcase. Plus the videos are really happy. I think they will make you smile. It’s worth stopping what you are doing for three minutes.

How do you think being involved in a fashion and beauty company based out of Chicago differs in comparison to companies out of NYC or LA?
We offer a different viewpoint and those great Midwestern values!

What is your role in creating the content that goes into each post on Glossed & Found?
I film the majority of the interviews and edit a half hour or hour long interview down to three minutes.

Take us through a typical day for you as Producer and Editor!
Every day is different–for example, yesterday we shot 3 profile videos all over the city and I was finishing up the edit on the video that was to be featured. Graham and I literally will be responding to each others emails while sending text messages to each other. We are constantly working on GF, it starts from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed. We love it!

What has been the biggest accomplishment of your career thus far? Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?
Not giving up. Starting at the beginning of this project and believing in it when no one else did. I am so proud of the relationship that Graham and I have built over the years and I’m thrilled to be a part of his vision. In five years, I see us traveling the world for interviews. Doing crazy things with really cool people and having millions of viewers. Personally, my biggest accomplishment is on its way! My boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby in August! I believe that will be the biggest adventure of all.

What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?
Be positive, be kind, and be humble. Don’t take anything personally and surround yourself with people that you respect and who respect you.

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