The Vacation You Should Take Based on Your Enneagram

If you’re not traveling this summer, you’re probably thinking about all the vacations you wish you were taking. Planning a trip can be both stressful and exciting; there’s just something about getting everything squared away that feels amazing and terrifying all at the same time. The hardest part about it all? Just picking the right destination for you. There are so many options and so. little. time. How do we decide on just one!?! We only get so many vacation days!

No worries, though — we did all the hard work! We’re telling you the best vacation destinations based on your enneagram. Grab your planner and warn your boss — you’re about to request some PTO. 



Orange County, CA

The perfectionist attitude can make planning a vacay hard for a one. Am I missing something? How do I fit in everything I want to do? The trip needs to be perfect! Orange County is the perfect home away from home — it’s the perfect mix of a breezy vacation that feels like you’re just meant to be there. Rent a car so you can enjoy all the sites without having to rely on Uber — driving along the coast Big Little Lies style is everything.




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You’ve already been to all the romantic, beautiful cities of Europe (Paris, Rome, Santorini, Barcelona) — now, try something a little closer to home! Cuba has allure and seduction (yes, a city can be sexy!), but it also has grit and strength unlike others. Twos are romantic and kind, but they love authenticity and creating strong bonds, even while on a trip. They want to experience and get to know the locals and their culture, and Cuba is the perfect place to do that. Don’t be afraid to explore on your own — the city is full of hidden treasures (literally and figuratively!). 




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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the trendy-but-unique destination threes are craving. It has all the cafes to plan your morning in, the charming and romantic walkways to Instagram your outfit details, and fun nightlife and bars to dance the night away. Paris or Rome would be the obvious choice for a European getaway, whereas Amsterdam might be exactly what you’re after. 




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Austin, TX

If you want to feel inspired, Austin is the place for you. Fours who want to feel revived and brand new should look to the gorgeous scenery and art of the city. The creativity of the city is unparalleled while still being soulful and laid-back. Go to Austin to find or live out your passions — you might never want to leave! Not to mention, you can enjoy some creative time while munching on the best tacos in the U.S. — basically, it’ll be the best vacay of your life. 




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Galway, Ireland

Ireland is the perfect breath of fresh air. The rolling hills and stunning vistas are filled with the history and contemplation fives love every now and then. From gorgeous coastal cities overflowing with charm to ruins rising like guards from the land, Ireland will take your breath away and claim a special place in your heart. Leave with a classic claddagh ring; a gorgeous, chunky knit sweater; and memories that will last a lifetime.




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New Orleans, LA

Six, you deserve a good freaking time. Self-care doesn’t always come natural to you, but you know how to have fun when you finally get yourself away from your to-do list. New Orleans is booming with culture, history, and amazing food and nightlife — basically a recipe for a good time! Whether it’s a jam-packed weekend trip or a history buff’s dream week of museum hunting, you’ll never forget your time there. Don’t leave without eating at least your weight in beignets! 




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Marrakech, Morocco

Sevens love adventure more than anyone else, and they can expect Marrakech to be the thrill of a lifetime. Marrakech is basically a maze, and Google Maps can’t help you. If you’re looking for a vacation to get you away from your phone and remind you of the power of getting lost, this is for you. You’ll get to flex those conversation skills while you’re asking the locals for directions over and over again. 




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A trip to Hawaii requires a lot of planning, which is basically an eight’s dream. Experience the state like a local and island hop instead of staying in one place — your beaming confidence will surprise everyone there when you announce it’s your first time! You can customize every part of your trip for what you want (because what you want is best, right?). 




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The best vacation sometimes is one where you never leave! Whether you book a stay at your dream hotel in your city or spend a weekend at home pampering yourself, a staycation doesn’t have to be another boring weekend at home. There will be no fighting over the destination, and you can stick to your favorites or try something new in your town. 




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