It’s Back: Our Essential Photoshop Online Course is Currently Enrolling!

HUGE NEWS! Our popular online course, The Essential Photoshop, is back and open for enrollment for two weeks only. Now is your chance to learn all our Photoshop secrets — from how to edit your photos for peak light and vibrancy to how to create show-stopping graphics that will grow your engagement. We use Photoshop every. single. day. here in at Everygirl HQ and we seriously couldn’t live without it. With guided video, screen recordings, worksheets, and Photoshop templates, we’re guiding you through everything we use this multi-faceted program for. You’ll finish the course with a solid understanding of how to leverage Photoshop for a more visually stunning brand or business. Ready to get started? Scroll for a deeper overview of what you’ll receive and click the link below to claim your spot now. But hurry! Enrollment closes in two weeks. P.S. We’re also offering our payment plan option again! Click here to find out more    

New Courses Coming January 2020


The Everygirl’s Finance 101

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We worked with a certified financial planner to bring you everything you need to know about budgeting, credit, investing, and more — presented in easy-to-navigate modules without judgment or preaching. We’re here to help — no matter where you are on your financial journey.

The Everygirl’s Self-Care Challenge

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And introducing… Mini Courses! We have a full slate of minis launching in 2020, starting with our Self-Care Challenge. An intensive, seven-week guideline for creating a healthier, happier, more grounded you. Launching in January, just in time for resolutions season. Because it’s not about making you into a better version of yourself. It’s about uncovering the you that was there all along.   Follow us on Instagram for up-to-the-minute release news and special offers:

  • Grace Dada

    I’m so excited about this! The Everygirl has inspired me so much throughout the years, including to start my own online magazine for black women. It’s called Sorella Magazine ( I will continue to read and enjoy TheEveryGirl for years to come.

    Thanks again!

  • Rose Upshur

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