Every Hack We Learned from Rihanna’s 10 Min Makeup Routine

Rihanna made a get ready with me video with Vogue, and I LOST IT. Now, some background: I’ve always been a pretty big Rihanna fan music wise, but her beauty and fashion have always been where I’m most enthralled by her. She isn’t afraid of weird trends and often starts her own.

Fenty has started a beauty movement by creating a foundation and line that makes shades for both the lightest and darkest of skin, reminding beauty brands and consumers that women of color are not an afterthought. Her style is iconic – I mean, can we talk about that Met Gala look?! Today, we’re talking about all the tips and tricks we can take from Rihanna to use in our everyday makeup game, so us too can look like half the goddess she is.





1. Practice on your OWN face

Rihanna knows – everyone’s face is shaped differently, and makeup that might look good on someone with an oval face might not look as great on someone with a heart shaped or a round face. This is especially important when it comes to contouring and highlighting. Rihanna reminds us that the best way to learn makeup is to practice and learn what looks best on you.



Setting your makeup has been an oily skin girl’s hack for years, but us dry skin ladies can benefit, too! This is especially helpful for big events, but as we get into the warmer months, keeping your makeup locked in place is a little harder. Going over your entire face with a translucent powder keeps all your products right where you so precisely placed them. It can also tend to give a beautiful airbrushed finish.

3. Sometimes, more is more

Minimalism is pretty trendy as of the last few years, but Rihanna reminds us that sometimes, you just gotta do it big. Layering products is the easiest way to get the exact colors and formulas you want. Mix a gold shimmery highlight with a darker bronze for the perfect summer glow that is tailored for any skin tone.


4. Blend, blend, blend

The key to making sure all those products you applied look good together? Blend, girl, blend! Rihanna spends ample time making sure every product blends seamlessly into the skin with a damp blending sponge. Best way to make a lot of product look natural? Blend any bronzer, contour, highlighter or foundation into your hairline, leaving no gaps between your skin and scalp. Another trick to making bronzer look natural: blend a little of the product onto the ears where the sun would naturally hit.

5. Pair a bright lip with a neutral outfit

This seems like a no-brainer, but Rihanna does this SO WELL. Take an otherwise understated or minimal outfit to the next level by pairing it with a bright lip. Take inspo from Rihanna and try something different than the typical red – go bold with a bright matte orange or a fuchsia gloss.

6. Use your products for multiple purposes

Rihanna takes a tip from the “no-makeup makeup” experts and uses her bronzer for EVERYTHING. Our favorite way? Add your bronzer to the creases of your eyes. Not only does this warm up any look and provide some beautiful definition to the eyes, but if you’re adding more shadows later, they’ll blend beautifully having a nice base underneath.

7. Glow from within

If the success from Fenty’s sold out Body Lava hasn’t explained it to you yet, here it is: shimmery body makeup is THE summer 2018 staple. Rihanna has explained that when she would go home to Barbados, she would crush up eyeshadows and mix them with oils and body moisturizers to make her body glow to the heavens. Take a tip from Rihanna and do just that: take an old shimmery gold or bronze eyeshadow, crush it up into a pigment and mix the pigment into a bottle of your favorite body lotion. You can also try a body oil, but steer clear from an oil if you’re planning to be in the sun. Put it on your shoulders, collar bones, and tops of the legs for that shimma shimma. Now you, too, can look like you just got back from a trip to the Caribbean.