Everygirl Weddings: Sarah Runyon

  • Copy by: Caitlin Brown

It’s pretty impossible not to smile when looking at this next Everygirl’s wedding. Not only is Sarah Runyon’s enchanting affair full of charm and whimsy, it’s budget-friendly to boot! Read on for more photos and details.

The Bride:
Sarah Runyon of The Ista Diaries

The Details:
We got married where we both grew up, in Las Vegas, NV on October 15, 2011 in the LDS Las Vegas Temple.  Our reception was held outside at TPC Summerlin. There were nine bridesmaids and eight groomsmen, and we did it without a wedding planner!

How did you settle on a budget that you felt comfortable with? What factors went into coming up with that number?
I am the only girl in my family, so when my parents and I discussed a budget we really didn’t know what was realistic and what wasn’t.  After speaking to some friends that had gotten married in Las Vegas, inquiring with different venues, and researching online, we finally came up with a rough estimate of how much was needed to plan a nice, comfortable, and fun wedding without going broke.  We wanted the actual wedding day to be as stress-free as possible, so that was probably the biggest factor that determined our budget. We didn’t want to have to be the ones worrying about setting everything up, picking up flowers, etc.  The second biggest factor that went into coming up with the budget was how many people we were inviting.

What was the most important aspect of the wedding to you? (i.e. photography, wedding gown, venue, food, etc.)
The most important aspect of the wedding for me was definitely the photography.  I didn’t want to leave the documentation of the most amazing and memorable day of my life to chance!  The second most important aspect was my dress. I wanted to feel beautiful.

How far in advance did you start the wedding planning process?
Probably about 15 years! Just kidding, but I remember dreaming of pretty dresses and flowers when I was 7! When I knew I had found the one and that we were going to get married, I started collecting ideas.  We were officially engaged five months before the wedding, and that’s when I actually started making phone calls and meeting with vendors.  That’s too fast for some, but I knew I could get it done!

How did you save money on the big day?
I didn’t hire a wedding planner and decided to do that job myself with the help of my mom. We also made most of the decorations ourselves, and we had a buffet-style dinner at the reception instead of a pay-per-head sit-down dinner.

What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding? What was the most fun?
The most stressful part of planning the wedding was just the immensity of the to-do list.  I was also working and going to school, so getting everything done and balancing my time was the hardest part.  The most fun part was designing my dress and meeting with my seamstress, Yuki, weekly for fittings.  I saw it come to life in stages from an idea on paper and that experience was extremely rewarding.

How did you make the wedding feel personal to you and your fiancé?
Instead of using a traditional invitation template, we changed the wording completely and had it printed in a handwritten font on woodgrain paper. We immediately started getting comments like, “This is so you!” and we modeled all the little details after the invitation to reflect a casual, whimsical, and fun style. We felt completely comfortable and happy with how our wedding turned out, because it reflected our relationship and personalities perfectly.

How did you decide on the type of wedding you wanted? Did budget have an influence? (i.e. did you have a traditional wedding, a destination, eclectic, formal, casual, etc)
My personality (and my fiancé’s) didn’t really resonate with anything super traditional, so we were naturally drawn to planning a more casual, unique wedding.

What did you choose to splurge on for the big day? What did you decide to save on?
We chose to splurge on the photography, videography, and a Smilebooth! All the great videos and pictures we have now made that 100% worth it. We decided to save on decorations and clothes for the bridal party.  I found four different styles of dresses for my bridesmaids to choose from, and they were all $30.00 from H&M!

What were your favorite sources of inspiration for your wedding?
I spent a lot of time finding inspiration through wedding blogs, photography blogs, and weddings from the past!  It was a fun process.

Would you do anything differently?
I probably wouldn’t have packed my schedule so tight.  I was working and in the middle of my last semester of college, taking 18 credits.  Our wedding was the same week as midterms!  That was crazy, I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone.

What advice do you have to Everygirls in the midst of planning their own weddings?
Don’t sweat the small stuff! Whether things turn out perfectly or not, this is an incredible time that will pass by quickly. Focus on the family, friends, and fiancé you love that are there to support you no matter what.  Enjoy the day, express gratitude, then turn off your phone and go on a relaxing honeymoon!

(Photography: Alixann Loosle / Flowers: Flowers by Michelle / Catering: TPC Summerlin / Reception Center: TPC Summerlin / Cake: Sugar’s Bakery / Wedding Dress: Designed by Sarah Runyon and made by Yuki Moyers of Tabasa / Makeup and Hair: Brynn Thomas)