Everygirls Inspired: Readers Share Their Stories

It’s the first day of Anniversary Week on The Everygirl, and what better way to start this celebration than by sharing stories from a few of our readers! This site was created for everygirls like us. Girls who are searching for their dream job, decorating their home on a budget, trying to save a little money, and trying to figure it all out. Over the past year, we have been able to feature some truly remarkable women. Our finance, food, and living well writers have given us endless advice. It’s been amazing hearing how these features have inspired you, and since this site was created for all of you, we’re both thrilled and honored to be able to share your stories today.

Everygirls, this is for you.

I wanted to send you both a note thanking you for all your hard work and inspiration. I am a fan of your personal blogs as well as The Everygirl. Everything you both have done so far, it is greatly appreciated by me and obviously several other young women. I am so happy for you both being able to create and work on something you love. I wanted to tell you that your blogs and The Everygirl has inspired me to go to college! Finally, a 30 year old college freshmen. Yikes & yay! I have a great job that supports me well, but it isn’t what I love so I am taking the step to find something I do love and making it my part time career & eventually my one & only. Thank you again & best wishes for the future.
– email from a reader

The Everygirl inspired me to take a different career path right out of college. After reading so many articles on TEG about successful young women who were pursuing their passions after years of working in the wrong field for them, I decided to skip the entry-level corporate desk-job like most of my peers and pursue my passions instead. I became a certified yoga instructor, enrolled in school to become a Holistic Health Coach, and am in the process of starting my own business at the age of 22. Thank you for being such an inspiration and positive voice for us young women!
Katie Martin, 22, Washington, DC // Yoga Instructor & Holistic Health Coach

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all of the wonderful work you are doing. I have copies of your “Dinners are Served’ handbooks strewn about my kitchen table & have used your financial planning tips to help out my poor savings account. Needless to say, I look forward to visiting your site every day!
– email from a reader

Oh, you guys. I actually stumbled across your blog yesterday. I was perusing the internet and found Joy the Baker (amazing!) and then your beloved Everygirl. Your site totally set my heart on fire and I had to reach out! I’m a photographer in Indy. I shoot weddings, cute kids and couples in love. Doesn’t really matter what I’m shooting – my job makes me happy. I’m so grateful for that. I can see all of the love and passion you gals have for the Everygirl and wanted you to know it totally shines through.
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to be a better version of me. From the career features to the vocabulary, The Everygirl is a one-stop shop for all things inspirational. Thanks for finally giving me a place to interact with incredible women of all ages!
Margaret Snider, 24, Atlanta, GA // Client Services Coordinator for Post Production

The Everygirl has inspired me to reassure myself that it’s ok not to know exactly what you want right after college. All of these wonderful successful women featured didn’t always know what they were doing right away, but ended up finding their passion. I know I will find mine too.
Sandra Vega, 24, Santa Barbara, CA // Website:  The Vee Bee Diaries

The Everygirl has inspired me to realize that everyone has their own journey, so where I am right now is exactly where I’m supposed to be (even if I constantly doubt it). My favorite part of your website is the features of incredible women, but more specifically the advice they would give their 23-year old self. As someone who is near that age and who feels in constant transition, I find all of their advice not only calming and reassuring, but undoubtedly inspiring.
Nicole Kivitz, 24, New York, NY

Wow! The Everygirl is very rad! Thank-you for bringing it to my eyes ladies. I read about you two through a Bri Emery link and have been a daily observer since. I particularly enjoy the feature interviews. Coming across blogs like yours and Bri’s makes my heart skip a beat. Typography makes me THAT excited. I love words. I love creating space and playing with colors. I love stories. And I love the impact these things (when put together) can have upon people’s days, self-belief and happiness.
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to take hold of my budget, and look fabulous while doing so. Never have I found a blog or resource that so well intertwines the worlds of fashion and financial competency – they have always, unfortunately, been separated to me. Not anymore! Thanks in part to your budget PDF and helpful tips, I’m planning to be debt-free within the year, with money to spare – thank you, Everygirl!
Lily, 24, Washington, DC // Researcher & Writer

Thought you should know that “The Everygirl” has inspired me to start my own event styling and coordination business! After seeing many of the people featured on your site I decided after much thinking and longing to do something. While I have not yet given up my day job, its a start, and you have to start somewhere!
Madeline Sanborn, 26, Seattle, WA // Founder The Social Collective – Event Design

The Everygirl has inspired me to get creative in my apartment! I’m a 26 year old law student in Washington, DC, so I don’t have too much time or money to devote to creating the gorgeous apartment I dream of. But since adding The Everygirl to one of my daily must-visit websites, I have seen so many creative ways to make my living space beautiful and comfortable that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and are quick and easy updates to what I already have hanging out.
Rebecca Harris, 26 // JD Candidate 2013, UDC David A. Clarke School of Law

I recently found your site and I just wanted to reach out and say how much I love it. It has inspired me to pursue another job that I truly love (I was stuck in my job from right after college) and I am so happy now. I even got inspired by the meals under $50 and I rarely cook! I can only imagine how many people you inspire daily with your website. I look forward to checking your site daily. Keep up the amazing work!
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to dream bigger. All the amazing women featured excites me and encourages me not to settle!
Amanda Glow, 25, Chicago, IL // Sales at The Flower Firm

The Everygirl has inspired me to see the potential in finding a voice and a following via a blog and social media, that need and want the info, knowledge, and inspiration I have to share. That even though I am 10 years older than you lovelies Danielle and Alaina, it is never too late to make a shift and follow the path that is calling out to you. And that I too am The Everygirl always learning, growing, changing, loving, sharing, trying and accepting that there are only so many hours in the day.
Melanie Kasper, 41, Sarasota, FL // Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, Owner of Volition Health Inc., DreamDayEssentials.com, and Societywellnes.com

The Everygirl has inspired me to make my passion work for me! I have used my creative musical side to make a second income teaching piano lessons and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It feels great to put my passion to such a great use and help kids discover the joys of music (and the second income isn’t so bad either since I’m just starting out!!).
Susan Hager // Piano Teacher

I came across your site on Pinterest last night and I love it! I was thrilled to find a plan for how to create a budget and one that makes so much sense! I was really excited to see that there were worksheets to go along with it. As a girl who just graduated college in August, I could not have found this at a better time.
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to pursue a career in feature writing. After reading the wonderful features on The Everygirl, I realized my passion was writing about lifestyles and the accomplishments of others. I’m excited to pursue this style of journalism when I graduate with a public relations degree in April!
Alyssa Gapske, 21, Kalamazoo, MI // Communication Intern at The Haworth College of Business // Website: Glitter and Gapske

The Everygirl has inspired me to make the most of my tiny apartment! The home features constantly keep me inspired to try new and inventive ways to decorate my small, but cozy 1 bedroom apartment.
Liz Urso, 28, Cincinnati, OH // Executive Assistant // Website:  26 and Counting

The Everygirl has inspired me to reach for what I want and not settle for the easily attained. Last year I quit my job and went back to school to finish a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and The Everygirl reminds me to keep believing I am strong enough to work for what I want the most. I am reminded that things may not get easier, but they certainly get better.
Marjorie Clark, 29, Salt Lake City, UT // Student at the University of Utah // News Editor at The Daily Utah Chronicle // Assistant Editor of Wasatch Magazine // Website: https://about.me/marjorieclark

I just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful blog! It’s so nice to be able to read something that’s classy and for someone like me who’s in their 20’s, a college graduate and trying to find their place in life. Keep up the great blog, I’ll always be reading it!
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to take a leave of absence from my job in advertising so that I can completely focus on making the dream of running my own small business a reality. Over the past couple of years I have been working on the side to build the active wear brand IRUNLIKEAGIRL and I hope to transition into working full-time on this dream of mine by the end of this year. It takes courage to go after what you want for yourself and The Everygirl’s spotlight stories on women who are doing just that have both encouraged and inspired me to do the same.
Kelly McCloskey, 29, San Francisco, CA // Managing Director for IRUNLIKEAGIRL

The Everygirl has inspired me to take more risks. From adding a bold accessory when I’m getting dressed in the morning, to standing up for myself and my choices, and all the way to putting a 2013 plan in place to launch my own event planning company (a dream I’ve always had). Reading profiles everyday of empowered women has rubbed off on me. It has affirmed to me that us Everygirls really can blow everyone’s expectations — including our own — out of the water, while still maintaining a little charm, grace, and a lot of style.
– Mary Beth Kraft, 27, Chicago // Director of Development and Public Relations

The Everygirl has inspired me to get over being unemployed and create my own damn job. Thank you.
Christine Manke, 22, Los Angeles, CA // Intern for Davey Literary & Media, Lovelyish.com, and IReallyLikeFood.com // Website: Tarte Moderne

The Everygirl has inspired me to get out of my own way, tap into my passion for writing and start two blogs, one of which will be celebrating its first year this April. As I’m gearing up for an upcoming trip to Chicago this March, I hope to sit with Alaina and Danielle, these amazing “Self-Made Visionnaires” and treat them to a ‘thank you’ brunch. When I think of The Everygirl, no other quote is truer to me than this one: “Girls compete with each other; women empower one another”.
Cindy Orellana, 33, Ottawa, ON, Canada // Translator //  Websites:  Who Is Arlette and Paper Trail Life

The Everygirl has inspired me to start a bakery. Alaina and Danielle have taught me that nothing is impossible and to follow my dreams.
Michelle Wilkinson, 23, San Diego, CA // Software Sales

The Everygirl has inspired me to be AUTHENTIC. I remember reading over your interviews of inspiring woman who made their dreams a reality. Woman who dreamed, worked hard, and made it happen! I realized they all had something in common, authenticity. They knew what they wanted and were true to themselves.
Sheila Sheridan, 29, Key Biscayne, FL // Director of Marketing and Events // Website: The FailteHouse

The Everygirl has inspired me to start my own website “The Grand Rapids Guide. I had a vision of creating a website that focused on small businesses/boutiques in Grand Rapids and featuring upcoming events throughout the city. After reading The Everygirl each day I decided to make my dream a reality and start the website.
Sara Visser, 26, Chicago // Advertising and Fashion Marketing // Website: The Grand Rapids Guide

First, thank you for creating the Every Girl site. I’ve been indulging in your career features for months now. The featured women have encouraged me to pursue the unknown and reinforced the important lesson to never give up. When I find myself in a situation I am not happy with, I jump online to read and reread a feature to remind myself that these women did what they wanted and I should too. Thought I’d send a quick note, from one Every Girl to another. Be encouraged and please keep creating. I enjoy your site very much.
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to set realistic intentions instead of unachievable resolutions for 2013. Instead of listing things I thought I should be achieving this year, I simply wrote down “this year I want more sparkle” and proceeded to list all of the things that make me happy – from the mundanely simple (green tea) to the extravagant (brunch at swanky hotels) and decided I would do these things more often this year, because these simple sparkly actions make me feel so happy. Jess Lively’s ‘Living Well’ columns never fail to leave me feeling inspired. Other than that, when ever you ask the question, “What would you tell your 23-year-old self?” I always take the advice to heart, as I am turning 23 this year!
– Britney Beeby, 22, Cape Town, South Africa // Freelance Graphic Designer, Graphic Design and Photography Lecturer // Website: An Aesthetic Adventure

The Everygirl has inspired me to love being a woman in business. They have taught me to confidently create and move in the direction towards my dreams.
Kelsey, 21, Charleston, SC // Student // Website: Script & Ink

The Everygirl has inspired me to pursue my passions and to believe that I am right where I need to be, both career-wise and in my personal life. I left a stable, full-time job when I was hired on as a writing intern for The Everygirl. Although the future is unknown, I’m excited for the new path I’m on and appreciate that I am able to do things that inspire me to lead a healthier and happier life.
– Jessica J. Kim, 25, Chicago, IL // Writing Intern for The Everygirl

The Everygirl has inspired me to expand my online store, LonghornFashions.com, to include a boutique on wheels in a 1963 Airstream Trailer and a wider range of stylish, yet affordable inventory. I grew my business and renovated the 1963 Airstream while working full time as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. Reading the Everygirl career interviews motivated me, encouraged me and got me through a lot of really long nights.
Tessie Watson Crow, 26, Austin, TX // Owner of LonghornFashions.com

The Everygirl has inspired me to keep dreaming. No dream is silly or little or dismissible. Believe it and do it, happily!
Katie Farrin, 25, New Braunfels, TX // Editor and Founder of Lovebird Productions

The Everygirl has inspired me to continue to power forward to grow my jewelry business, Everistta. Every time I feel discouraged and need a little boost to keep going; I scroll through the articles of fantastic entrepreneurs that I saved from The Everygirl. Each and every one is so inspiring! The Everygirl is the perfect dose to keep a gal going!

One of my favorites is actually the quote you used from your post by Abby Larson. I have been following her story for a long time on SMP. Abby is such an inspiration on what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and patience. Thank you for sharing these incredible ladies with your readers. Your website is fantastic. You are all an inspiration as well to all of us entrepreneurs.
Lindsay Van Cleave, 31, New York, NY // Advertising Executive and Owner/Designer of Everistta

The Everygirl has inspired me to think over my room decoration. I was always looking at those wonderful nice decorated homes and kept telling myself that I cannot have such a wonderful decorated home. But watching this website and especially the “How to style a …” helped me to restyle my room. Now my room looks not perfect but better than it did before. Thanks a lot The Everygirl!
Frederike Kress, 17, Stuttgart, Germany // Student

The Everygirl has inspired me to be less critical of other women online. The blog-world can be a snarky place for a blogette and we all need to give the grace we hope to get!
Jenny Steward, 26, Chicago, IL // Creative Supervisor // Website: Answer the Unasked

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for making such a beautiful, inspiring site — as a female entrepreneur, I’m constantly trying to understand how other women creatives make their jobs/life work, and your site showcases some wonderful, inspiring stories and talents. I love learning about process, thought and creativity and love how you go deeply into these topics. I know how challenging it can be to create content day after day – and I commend you for it.
– email from a reader

TEG has inspired me to not give up hope that I too can have a career that combines my passion + skills to create my dream job. I look forward to reading TEG each morning before work with my cup of coffee. Particularly the stories that feature women who have been brave enough to start their own businesses and unique journeys; Jayna Cooke of Closet Angels, Sarah Dickerson of Chic Sprinkles and countless more. These stories have helped to reignite my creativity spark and desire to achieve my goals – and reminded me that I can have it all if I put my heart into it.
Taylor Marie Laitsch, 24, Minneapolis, MN // Advertising Account and Project Manager // Website: Adventures of a Girl

The Everygirl has inspired me to embrace being me. A 23 year-old who is confused and feels a little lost. The career profiles have been a healthy reminder that it’s okay to not have everything figured out and with hard work and faith, my dreams can happen. Thanks to The Everygirl, I believe that one day I will be interviewed for the career section–alongside so many amazing women.
Caroline Ariail, 23, Spartanburg, SC // Nonprofit Work // Website: Balancing Her Teacup

The Everygirl has inspired me to relax and just enjoy the journey of becoming me. I may not know where I’m going or what I will be doing in 5 years, let alone one, but I am satisfied and proud of where I am today and have confidence in myself that I will continue to work towards achieving the many goals I have in life.
Liana Small, 26, Gothenburg, Sweden // Teacher at an International School, Online Project Administrator // Website: La Petite Vie

The Everygirl has inspired us to strengthen and truly redefine blogging in our own community. We initially started our blog for postings between friends (similar to your own fabulous individual blogs!) but have chosen to revamp it into a powerful voice for young, female Bostonians and beyond just as you do! “The Everygirl” is a daily read for us and offers a variety of drool-worthy and relatable features.
Cameron Bruns, Sustainability Writer // Suzanne Lewis, Graphic Designer // Meredith Tennihan, Real Estate Professional // 26-27, Boston, MA // Co-Founders of JustUsGals Boston

The Everygirl has inspired me to put my knowledge and passion together for fitness and healthy living and create Fitsouffle.com. I have felt the desire to have my own voice in my industry for a while but haven’t had the courage until I saw all of the inspiring women and stories the Everygirl features daily. The success stories shown of women of all ages and backgrounds is amazing and I feel that I have been able to come into my own because of the inspiration I have found here.
– Jacquelyn Brennan, 26, Chicago, IL // Fletcher Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, and Adjunct Faculty to the Fletcher Pilates Company // Website: Fit Souffle

The Everygirl has inspired me to start my own wedding/lifestyle blog! If these gals can pick up, start fresh, carve out time to build this amazing site, then gosh darn, I can write and document this magical stage in my life. Though I am recently engaged, hopefully my kids and fiance will thank me and The Everygirl someday and read mom’s silly blog!
Leah Eisenstein, 30, Chicago, IL // Public Relations // Website: Sparkles on the Side

The Everygirl has inspired me to learn design and to begin my own blog. Being in finance, I am kept away from creativity and this website has shown me the ropes on how to expand my horizons through fashion and success stories on women who were in similar positions as me at this age.
Alexandra, 23, Chicago, IL // Bank Examiner // Website: Shimmers and Bows (launching 3.3.2013)

The Everygirl has inspired me to revamp my blog to make it more hardworking in inspiring women to work on inner beauty instead of focusing on external beauty.
Tara Cabullo, 27, Manila, Philippines // Website: Chronicles of Vanity

I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how much I love TheEverygirl, and I especially love that it’s based in my city! I see so many great blogs from LA and NYC, and I love that you are providing strong representation in the Midwest that shows everyone else that we’ve got style and ambition, too. 😉 I love the wine tasting post today and am already planning out invitations and a wine scoring card for a spring time tasting at my apartment.
– email from a reader

The Everygirl has inspired me to FINALLY take the plunge to launch my own lifestyle blog. For me, revealing my life, passions and dreams to the online world makes me feel a tad vulnerable. After reading so many inspiring stories from such wonderful, driven and courageous women on the Everygirl, I was empowered to stop thinking and planning and finally make it happen.
Kendall Schoemann, 23, Boulder, CO // Account Coordinator, Verde PR & Consulting // Website: Dipped in Yellow