Everything We Learned at Our Everygirls Rise Conference in Atlanta

Fun fact: I frequently have no idea what I’m doing. No matter what field you’re in or what you’ve done with your career so far, there’s always a bit of working it out as you go — problem-solving in the field when you’re presented with something you didn’t necessarily expect or working confidently even when you’re not 100 percent sure of yourself because you know you’ll get there in the end.

We built our #LaMarcaxEverygirlsRise career conferences with this in mind: providing a space for women from all career fields and paths to gather together — for support, for mentorship, for commiseration. We brought together six successful women to speak on how they got to where they are and the challenges they faced along the way. Our panelists included:

None of these women had a rulebook going into their own careers — they explored and struggled and shifted, overcoming challenges and creating their own opportunities and using their unique skills to carve out a space for success.

We learned so much from these six amazing women, and we wanted to share their stories and perspectives with you. Watch our full panel from our Atlanta, GA event below, and scroll for a dose of wisdom from each of our panelists, plus an exclusive “Finding Your Passion” worksheet bundle available as a free download!




Alaina Kaczmarski
Cofounder, The Everygirl Media Group

Alaina began her own blog in 2008 and cofounded The Everygirl Media Group in 2012, a company that reaches over 2 million readers every month and has expanded to a team of more than 10 editors. Alaina spoke on starting a business from scratch and how to scale as you grow.


Allyson Trammell
Editorial Director, The Everygirl Media Group

Allyson started her blog while attending Texas A&M and working a full-time job. She landed The Everygirl’s first remote intern position in 2012 from a pool of hundreds of applicants and has worked her way to Editorial Director of The Everygirl Media Group. Allyson spoke on transitioning from intern to employee and standing out in the workplace.





Joyce Chen
Marketing Director, La Marca Prosecco

As Director of Marketing for La Marca Prosecco, Joyce drives the strategic development of the brand. She has a fondness for developing brand strategy, an insatiable curiosity for understanding consumers and is passionate about fostering teamwork driven cultures and leaders. Joyce grew up in the Bay Area of California after moving from Taiwan to the U.S. and attended the University of California Berkeley studying Mass Communications and Public Policy. Joyce is a passionate world traveler, practices yoga and enjoys spoiling her Frenchie fur baby. Outside of work, she writes for blog publications and is a certified life coach focused on helping others find purpose, passion, and empowerment.


Mattie James
Blogger, mattiejames.com

Mattie is a wife, mom, and lifestyle influencer. She’s grown from running her blog as a side hustle to full-time and loves interacting and sharing with her online community. Mattie spoke on how to start a blog and growing your passion into a full-time position.



Cath Anderson
Policy Communications, Facebook

Catherine has worked in-house at Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, and now Facebook, while also building the corporate communications function from the ground up at several startups. Cath spoke on how to succeed in the corporate world and finding a mentor.


Coco Bassey
Fashion Blogger, Millenielle

Coco is a Nigerian native based in New York City and Atlanta, blogging as her side hustle while also working a full-time job in the corporate marketing world. Coco spoke on breaking into blogging and working your passion into a full schedule.



Each conference attendee received a “Keep Not Settling” cloth bag with some goodies — including our exclusive career workbook, with worksheets on everything from setting long-term goals to choosing between a DBA, LLC, or S-Corp. We’re sharing Part One of the workbook as a downloadable PDF — with fill-in-the-blank guides to help you hone in on your skills and find your unique niche.





This post was sponsored by La Marca Prosecco but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl Media Group editorial board.