Everything Our Editors Are Buying from the Nordstrom Sale

Here at The Everygirl, nothing gets our hearts racing quite like those three little magical words: “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.” Hunting for deals, steals, and splurges is sooo much fun — but it’s even more fun to snag the discounts that someone else found for you. Consider us your personal shopping experts — we combed through the racks to find our favorite deals for you, and we’re getting you ready to head into the new season dressed for success (even on a budget!). Here, broken down by each editor (and her own definition of her style), we share the items we each tried on and bought from this year’s Anniversary Sale. Happy shopping!!


When I’m getting dressed, I’m pretty much all about comfort. I love loose, textured layers — I once read an article about how every outfit looks better with a jacket either worn normally or worn around the waist or shoulders. That’s pretty much defined my taste for the last several years, and I’m pretty much never found without a jacket or sweater around my waist. This year at the sale, I was looking for (you guessed it) more layers — I want to be warm this coming winter, but also a little bold and different. Additionally, I work out pretty much every day — so I’m always drawn to new athleisure. I’ve had my eye on Ivy Park for a loooong time — so there’s no time like the sale!!







I am the monochrome queen. Blame it on the fact that I don’t have a closet therefor every item of clothing I wear is hanging on a rack so deviations from the color palette are very obvious… or just because I love wearing black. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is (in my opinion) the best time to stock up on really good investment basics — the pieces you know you’ll wear a thousand times. This year I was on a mission for some high-quality jeans, a chic coat, and sweaters. My favorite find of the sale was a black pair of Good American jeans. I have wanted to try this brand for so long and now I don’t know if I will ever try another. The hype is true: Khloe made some *amazing* jeans for curvy girls. They have everything I want in a standard skinny jean: structure without being too tight, a high waist, and plenty of stretch to hug all your curves. They fit TTS and were $55 cheaper than normal (#heaven). Another favorite was the Free People sweater with exaggerated sleeves. I mean it when I say I want it in every.single.color. The sleeves and the neckline say fancy lady, while the material and fit says COMFY AF, and then it cinches around the waist to make what otherwise would have been a very boho sweater flattering. I also snagged this Madewell waffle sweater I had been eyeing since last year that I can see myself wearing basically every day once it gets cold. You could dress it up with fitted jeans and a lace top, but TBH I will probably end up wearing it around the house with leggings the most. CAN IT JUST BE SWEATER WEATHER ALREADY?!

If you’re curious what I am still wearing from last year’s sale, these pajamas are worth every penny and these leggings.







As a self-proclaimed “Fashion Girl,” I take clothing a little too seriously, being super picky when it comes to colors, cuts, tailoring, and styles. I prefer pieces that are slightly trendy and unique, but feel classically glamorous — yes, it’s a tall order, which is why I rarely find pieces that I love. But, much to my pessimistic surprise, I found piece after piece that I just had to have at the Nordstrom sale (that were so affordable, I could actually have them!). My favorite pieces were a couple chic AF jackets that fit the bill for both amazing tailoring and interesting colors/textures, a classic striped tee (can’t have too many), a chic black blouse (because what Audrey Hepburn fanatic doesn’t need that?), and an Instagrammable matching workout set (because even though I’m sweaty in my hot yoga class, I at least like to match!). Top it all off with a killer bomber jacket for fall (trendy AND comfy), and the classic black flats of my dreams that I’ve been yearning for. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was certainly a success for this picky shopper.











I ride hard for outerwear and (hot take comin atcha) am kind of over this whole “summer” thing and ready to bundle on up with some classic fall staples — think waffle knit sweaters, plaid blazers, moto jackets, knee high boots. I was made for fall and so was the Nordstrom sale. There is truly an astonishing number of deals on cozy wrap coats, sexy-but-also-an-old-man-would-wear-these loafers, and ALL THE PLAID. It’s heaven if heaven was a dressing room full of the softest suede jackets you’ve ever felt. There is so much fall goodness to try on that I’ve decided to live in the dressing room until that sainted day, September 22nd, where I will emerge clutching a PSL and draped in blazers, scarves, and chunky turtlenecks — the ~ basic autumnal queen ~ I was always meant to be.







I realized a few years ago that I wear (and love) about 10% of my wardrobe. The other 90% sits there cluttering up my closet just begging to be Marie-Kondo’d. So it was time to start shopping a bit different. I am really trying to buy pieces I will wear all the time and really love.

Which is why this year’s Nordstrom Sale strategy is all about the basics. I’m not sure how Nordstrom does it, but things that never go on sale – like those Nike running shoes – are marked down during the Anniversary Sale. I always stock up on Hanky Panky underwear (they wash SO well), Zella leggings (suck you in in all the right places) and quality denim (AG and Good American are my recent faves). Throw in a few fun pieces like this adorable Zella sweater or those suede mules that I’m determined to wear all fall and winter, and my wardrobe is begging Chicago for an early fall day.





Nothing gets me going like a well-tailored outfit — close cropped pants and an oversized blazer? Slim fit button down and culottes? Mm. My Sally Albright heart is fluttering. My closet is full of classic pieces, neutrals with an emphasis on strong silhouettes, whether that’s a well-fitting jean or a breezy dress that hits in the right places. If something ends up in my closet, it’s because we really hit it off and I could see us being together for years to come (my favorite sweater was a Forever21 find from my freshman year of high school).

When I went to the Nordstrom sale, I was looking for pieces that would carry me through fall, both for work and for play. I found some killer blazers and even branched out into — gasp — color for that emerald green pant suit and blush bootie. For off the clock, I was happy to find some pieces I could lounge around in for those cold nights to come — seriously, that Nike sweatshirt was luxuriously soft. My favorite find? That. Berry. Jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are definitely my power outfit, and I think I found a new one to add to the rotation.