Cancel Your Plans: 10 Face Mask and Holiday Movie Pairings

We’re partial to a night in with a good movie, a face mask, and a glass of wine all year round, but there’s no better time to cancel your plans and have a cozy night in than during the holiday season.

I’ll be honest: while streaming services have been giving us more Christmas movies than ever, I’m partial to the classics. I believe that A Christmas Prince is lovely and heartwarming, but the Scrooge in me doesn’t want to give the newbies a chance — during the holiday season, I stick to the likes of the McCallisters, the Whos, and the Griswolds.

Give yourself a night off this week and pair one of these feel-good Christmas classics with an appropriate, accompanying face mask. Pop open the bottle of red you’ve been saving and cozy up — you’re going to feel like a new woman after this.


Christmas with the Kranks, Netflix


Bubblesheet Deep Cleanse Mask

Christmas with the Kranks will make you laugh, and when you see yourself with this mask on, it'll give you a good chuckle too — but don't be fooled. This mask looks funny on but works wonders on your skin in a matter of minutes.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Netflix


Matcha Antioxidant Mask

With this mask, your green face will match the Grinch's, and your heart will grow three sizes when you see how bright and even your skin looks when you take it off.


Christmas Inheritance, Netflix

Peter Thomas Roth

24K Gold Eye Patches

These ultra-luxe eye patches will make you feel like you just got a Christmas inheritance of your own. One of our office's favorite splurges, these babies will make any signs of holiday stress or carbo-loading disappear from your eye area. Trust us: they're worth the price.


The Holiday, Amazon Prime

Summer Fridays

Jet Lag Mask

The Holiday is a tried-and-true classic — you can trust it to always deliver exactly what you need, and the same goes for Jet Lag. They're like the best friend you can call at 4am with an emergency — they never let you down.


Home Alone, $3.99 on Amazon Prime

Drunk Elephant


Home Alone is a classic, and a lot of people's all-time favorite, which can also be said about Babyfacial. Both the mask and the movie will leave you feeling like you're a kid again (who doesn't want the skin they had when they were 7?). If you haven't tried Babyfacial yet, this mini size is a perfect opportunity to give it a try yourself.


Elf, $3.99 on Amazon Prime


PHAT Glow Facial

Buddy's Christmas spirit is palpable, and his genuine cheer transfers onto his face with his constant glow. This product will make you glow to the heavens yourself by exfoliating with PHAs and hydrating with nordic birch sap (which by the sound of, I'm sure Buddy would love). What makes this mask special is that it does a powerful job exfoliating but doesn't make you dry, so you're left with a more illuminated and bright complexion.


The Family Stone, $3.99 on Amazon Prime


Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask

Going home for the holidays can be tough for some, and meeting a S.O.'s family for the first time is even tougher. This mask will be tougher on your clogged pore's than your boyfriend's sister is on you.


Four Christmases, $3.99 on Amazon Prime


Mighty Marshmallow Brightening Mask

The holidays are full of cheer, but they also can be accompanied by stress and chaos, a la Four Christmases. This mask will fight any signs of stress your skin is showing from the chaos of the holidays by brightening and giving you a lit-from-within glow.


The Santa Clause, $2.99 on Amazon Prime

The Body Shop

British Rose Plumping Mask

After letting this mask sink into your skin, your cheeks will be as rosy and plump as Tim Allen's after he transforms into Santa Claus.


Christmas Vacation, $3.99 on Amazon Prime

Saturday Skin

Spotlight Brightening Mask

This sheet mask is fueled by antioxidants, which leave your dewy and luminous. By the time you take it off, your face will be brighter than the Griswolds' house.