Fall Fashion DIY: Lace-Up Ballet Flats

If you’re a shoe lover, you’ve seen the lace-up flats that are taking over fashion blogs and Instagram. While some pairs retail for almost $200 (yikes!) we knew there had to be a way to snag some on the cheap. So we turned to our friend Kathleen, creative style blogger behind Carrie Bradshaw Lied, and she didn’t let us down! Read below as she walks us through how she made her own pair of red lace-up beauties (for under $35)!

What you’ll need:

Let’s elaborate, shall we? First, you’ll need a pair of ballet flats you don’t mind punching holes in. I found a $20 pair on Amazon that had the pointed toe I was looking for. Secondly, you’ll need cord that matches the color of the flats you’ve chosen. It comes on a spool and you’ll have plenty of extra—so I recommend choosing a color you might use later to tie bows on presents with to repurpose. Lastly, you’ll need a leather hole punch. You can find one online under $10, and hey—now you have the tool to punch an extra hole in those belts you want to resize… right?

Punch holes

The best part about any DIY project is that you’re in control so you can customize your shoes to your liking. Some of these lace-up flats have a lot of crisscrosses in the front and some have less—all up to you. I chose less, but feel free to punch more holes in the sides of your flats to increase the visibility of the cord.

With a pencil, I marked the four places I wanted to punch holes and used the pencil to make sure the marks on the sides were parallel. Once you’ve marked your flats, evaluate the hole punch to choose the right punch size and punch holes in the leather where your marks are.

Lace ’em up

Now comes the cord. I recommend initially cutting at least four to five feet per shoe, because you can always cut some off once you’ve laced up your flats to your preference. Start at the toe, doubling up the cord and looping the ends through to create a knot. From there, split the two pieces of cord and lace up your flats, going through the inside.

Once you get to your ankle, wrap around as many times as you’d like and tie in a small bow at the back of your ankle. From there cut the extra unnecessary cord and voila! You’re stylin’.

Once you realize how easy this is you’re going to want to punch holes in all your shoes… or was that just me?

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