Fashion Essentials for The Everygirl: Part 3

  • Copy by: Annie Del Walsh and Alaina Kaczmarski
  • Contributing Fashion Editor:: Bradley Agather

We’ve taken you through the must-haves as well as the statement pieces of fashion essentials, but we can’t ignore those extra staples that get a woman even closer to completing her wardrobe. Yes, it’s true, you likely can get by without these items—you may not need a faux leather dress or a travel wallet—but it doesn’t hurt to add a little spice to your look or get organized in style. And since it’s officially October and fall is the season of reinvention and taking your style to the next level, why not do it with a studded fedora or blue leather gloves?

So here is a list of twelve items we believe every woman should own at some point in her life—when the budget allows. As always, we’ve teamed up with Bradley Agather of Luella and June to bring you options that are easy on your wallet paired with pricier investments if you’re in the market to splurge. We’ve done the hard part for you, so dig into this fashion feature and become the style icon you were meant to be.

1. Something Leather – And we are not talking about the obvious jacket, handbag, or shoe. With “vegan” leather items filling stores this season, it’s easy to find something for under $100. Whether it’s pants or a full dress, show off the saucier side of you when you’re out for girls night or on a date to wow your special someone.

2. Something Leopard – This can be as simple as a skinny belt or pair of flats. We’ve learned that adding a touch of leopard takes even the most simple outfit—think jeans and a t-shirt—and makes it instantly stylish. And despite what some might think, there is no age limit on this classic animal print pattern, especially when it’s done in small doses.

3. Tall Leather Boots – If you don’t already own, make this a priority. Tall leather boots in black or brown are never, we repeat, never going out of style. They’ve been around for forever. British aristocracy have been rocking these badboys on hunting trips for centuries.

4. Leather Gloves – If you live in a colder climate, you want these for any slightly fancier occasion. Whether you’re attending a dinner, holiday party, or business lunch, leather gloves dress you up while keeping you toasty during those chilly winter months.

5. Workout Top – Sure the t-shirt with your sorority, college logo, or intramural sports team works for working out. But it doesn’t feel (or look) great. Invest in a good workout top. They’re not lying about the high-tech fabrics that magically absorb sweat and feel light as air. Working out is a bit more bearable when you don’t have sweat-drenched cotton clinging to every inch of you.

6. Yoga Pants – Same as above. We recommend the tighter variation that ends mid-calf only because with less fabric, you’ll be more comfortable stretching, running, Crossfitting, or whatever it is that gets your blood flowing.

7. Cashmere Socks – One of those things you just have to experience. They are a true delight.

8. Tights – Because sometimes you want to wear a dress in the winter. And sometimes you want polka-dotted legs.

9. Robe – Again, anyone who lives in a colder climate can attest to the joys of what a robe offers while stepping out of the shower at 6:30 on a January morning. Salvation. Cozy, warm, merciful salvation. Also kind of makes you feel like you’re at a spa when you’re really just lounging around your house.

10. Cosmetic Case – In a perfect world where money grows on trees and Chris Hemsworth serves you coffee at Starbucks every morning, you would have two cosmetic cases: a smaller one that fits in your purse (for taking to work or sleeping over at your new sig’s place) and a larger one for traveling and hauling all the goodies.

11. Jewelry Case – Anyone who has one of these for traveling can attest to their awesomeness. Packing jewelry in any kind of organized fashion without one is next to impossible. How does anyone manage to keep the necklace chains from getting knotted or arrive at their destination with both earrings?

12. Travel Wallet – So you might not be jetsetting off to some place new every month (or even every year), but when you do, we promise you’ll feel like a pro when you whip out your colorful travel wallet, chalk-full of your perfectly organized travel documents. Why yes, security man, you can see my passport. Why yes, hotel check-in person, I do have my confirmation number. Wouldn’t it be loverly?

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