Our Favorite Pieces of 2020 That We’ll Still Be Wearing Next Year

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In 2020, our clothes didn’t get much use. I can confidently say that I touched roughly 15 percent of my wardrobe this year, and that might even be generous. Have I bought new things? Yes. Do I regret it? Well, sort of.

Despite the fresh hell that was this year, trends still existed as they would in any other year, and we added some new pieces to our wardrobe that only our pets and the dust bunnies under our couch saw. But the good news? Most of them aren’t going away next year, and we can hold out hope that one day, fellow train passengers will see us in them on our way to the office.

These are our absolute favorite pieces we’ve worn in 2020, all of which we’re planning on wearing throughout the entirety of 2021. Will anyone else see us in them? Only time will tell, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less.


1. Our loungewear

2020 was nothing if not the year of loungewear; we learned that it doesn’t equate to feeling frumpy, and since it turned into our full-time wear, we made it as chic as possible. For reasons beyond quarantine, our matching sets and elevated loungewear will continue into 2021 and beyond. These editor-favorite pieces are the ones we can’t wait to get more use out of.


New Love Corded Hoodie

10+ colors available


New Love Corded Jogger

3 colors available

Nasty Gal

Wide-Leg Pants Lounge Set

2 colors available


Comfy Top

10+ colors available


Comfy Joggers

10+ colors available


Cabo Set

6 colors available

Old Navy

Fleece Pajama Set

4 colors available



2. Teddy coats

Teddy coats are the gift that keep on giving year after year: they’re cozy, cute as all hell, and never really go out of style. They’re the coat that we can count on both for warmth and to make us look like a cousin of Cruella de Vil, and what more could we possible ask for?


Hattie Long Faux Fur Coat

2 colors available


Faux Fur Coat

3 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

Mid-Length Faux Fur Coat

7 colors available

BB Dakota

Paddington Coat

2 colors available



3. Faux-leather pants

Source: @simplytandya

Since last January, faux leather has creeped into everything from our pants to our shirts. It’s a far cry from the pleather of the past; now, faux leather is as close as it could be to the real thing, which makes it a welcome part of our wardrobes. Once we’re out and about again, we’ll be wearing our faux-leather pants as much as our jeans.



4. Shackets

The shirt jacket, aptly shortened to just “shacket” this year, is about as versatile as it can get. We wore them as our outerwear in fall over T-shirts, and now that it’s chillier out, are throwing them on top of our chunkier sweaters. With a million different fabrics, colors, and prints to choose from, the shacket is our new denim jacket.



5. Long, straight denim

Source: @kateogata

Longer lengths of denim made its way to graze the tops of our feet this year, and come 2021 when we’re wearing jeans again, they’ll be the ones we choose. Something about them feel more effortless and just a little bit cooler.



6. Chunky boots

Source: @theyusufs

Something we actually did get wear out of this year? Chunky combat boots. If you’re anywhere that experiences winter, they’re about as practical as a trend can get, and we’re as likely to trudge to the grocery store in them as we are to wear them out to dinner.

Michael Michael Kors

Haskell Combat Boot

2 colors available

SARTO by Franco Sarto

Freda Platform Chelsea Boot

2 colors available



7. Puffer coats

This year, when all we were wearing were various forms of sweats, we learned the value of a good puffer coat; they kept us warm and can be bought in a color or pattern fun enough to disguise the fact that we’re wearing a groufit underneath.