3 Editors Tried The 30 Day Detox Program Instagram is Raving About

You know how it goes — we work hard to exercise, work hard to eat right, and still, for many of us, we suffer from major bloat and tummy fat that just feels impossible to get rid of. Beyond just how we look, we want to feel good, too, and with constant bloat and digestion troubles, we can’t really feel our very best. Sometimes, diet and exercise alone just will not cut it, so you need a little bit of extra help.

Enter: Flat Tummy’s 30 Day Detox programs. You hear a lot of buzz about detox teas and skinny smoothies, which sounds pretty doable. I mean — have a shake for breakfast, drink some tea, and your bloat is gone!? Sounds too good to be true, right? To see if it was or not, three of our editors tried Flat Tummy’s Shake it Baby Meal Replacement Shakes and Flat Tummy Tea.


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Flat Tummy Co. is famous for its detox teas that get rid of bloat so you can feel comfortable in your summer bod. The meal replacement shakes are filled with good-for-you ingredients (like 20 grams of plant-based protein, 50 fruits and veggies, and 22 vitamins and minerals in one serving). The program doesn’t have to substitute for anything — it’s merely a healthy addition to your lifestyle that will give you an extra boost. The detox tea works as an easy complement to the shakes, with the morning tea jumpstarting your metabolism and the night tea working to cleanse.


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Three of our editors tested out the program to see whether or not it’s too good to be true. For four weeks (Monday through Friday each week), we drank a shake for breakfast with the morning tea, and then the night tea every 2-3 nights. Here’s what happened:


If you want to try it for yourself, use the discount code: EVERYGIRL10 for 10% off.




Current Lifestyle


It’s a tale as old as time — I was young and active, with the stomach muscles of a Greek goddess (they had great abs, I assume?). I took my tight stomach for granted — not really realizing that it was a blessing of youth, volleyball practice, and a body that had never yet consumed alcohol. Fast forward to now — I’m still quite active (I work out six days a week, and you’ll rarely find me NOT hitting my 12k step goal), and I sincerely appreciate my body and how hard we work together. But alas — the super flat stomach of my youth is now a distant memory (which probably has a little to do with age and a LOT to do with my love for food and alcohol — I can admit it!).


Why You Wanted to Try the 30 Day Flat Tummy Program


I’m on a pretty constant mission to figure out how to best beat my bloat and fight to regain the tone (and energy!) I had when I was younger. And while there is, of course, no substitute for healthy eating and exercise, I was really excited to try something that would help supplement both of those things.

I had previously tried the two-week Flat Tummy shake program, and I was a big fan. I was super excited to go the extra mile (the extra two weeks of shakes) AND add in the tea. Here’s how it went down.


30 Day Program


First of all, the shakes are DELICIOUS. I drank the Vanilla flavor, and I mixed it with unsweetened almond milk to start. As the weeks went on, I began to experiment, adding in some fruit, nut butter, collagen, and chia seeds. It’s great that you have the flexibility to add ingredients to your shakes — I never got tired of them, as I tried not to drink the exact same recipe too many times in a row.

Not only do the shakes taste good, but they also do the trick — I drank them each morning after my workout and before work, and they were the perfect on-the-go breakfast to keep me full until lunch (or at least until my 11am almonds). If you’re worried that a shake wouldn’t satisfy your appetite, let me tell you — I’m not a light eater, and these kept me full.

The tea, of course, is great too — I don’t think of myself as much of a tea drinker, but I found myself getting very accustomed to the ritual of the tea (once every morning, then every 2-3 nights as well). It’s a yummy mint flavor — I definitely didn’t have to struggle to drink it.

What I will say is that this program is not necessarily for the faint of heart — as you can imagine, a full detox of your body comes with it some side effects. I found myself using the bathroom far more than normal, especially on the days after the nighttime tea. It took a bit of getting used to, but I honestly didn’t mind — increased time in the bathroom simply meant the program was doing its job. I never felt sick or unmanageably uncomfortable — I simply had to prepare for the fact that I’d use the bathroom more than normal.

All that being said, a more-active-than-usual stomach was a small price to pay to feel the effects of the detox program. I found myself with increased energy, decreased bloat, and a strong desire to supplement the shakes and tea with healthy lifestyle choices. I spent a lot of time in the gym and I made extra nutritious meal choices — if I was going to commit to a month of detoxing, I wanted to really COMMIT.


The Result



Overall, I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking for a detox. The beauty of it? If you’re not sold on the full program, you can just do pieces at a time. Looking for increased energy and a delish start to your day? Shakes are for you. Looking for a calming ritual that will fight bloat? Tea’s for you. Ready to do the damn thing Becca-style and go all in? I’d go with the full program — you won’t regret it.

P.S. I had my period at both the start and end of the month-long program, so taking these pics was really intimidating. I can honestly say that I felt more confident taking the second round — the program even helped with that dreaded monthly hormonal bloating!


Favorite Thing


Honestly, I loved the routine of this program — it feels SO good to know you’re doing something good for your body every single day. The shakes are so filling and delicious that it was a really happy start to the day for this self-proclaimed creature of habit.




Current Lifestyle


As a recent college graduate who also happens to be obsessed with all things health and wellness (I’ll do just about anything Gwyneth Paltrow tells me to do), I’m all about the balance. I love tossing a teaspoon of maca into my smoothie and chopping up a super greens salad for lunch as much as the next health nut, but I’m also not afraid to sneak in a piece of cheese in the afternoon (and by “piece of cheese,” I mean an entire wheel of brie with jam and a baguette). As a retired dancer (except for in karaoke bars and my bedroom), I also love working out (I know, that’s the most annoying thing someone could say, I’m sorry), and alternate between yoga, Orange Theory, and Barre as often as I can, which means about five times a week.


Why You Wanted to Try the 30 Day Flat Tummy Program


Let’s be real — college isn’t just literature classes and theme parties (though that’s pretty much most of it). I learned (the hard way) that it’s also a consistent beer belly that’s hard to get rid of — a beer belly that was mad at me for years of cheap beer and soda mixed with whatever liquor was available, late-night Domino’s pizzas, and greasy dining hall food. Let’s just say, the minute I graduated this May (we’re talking like — as I received my diploma on stage and posed for the photographer), I knew it was time for a detox.

I’ve always loved health and fitness (with that occasional Domino’s pizza here and there/4 times a week) and make the effort to eat as fresh and clean as I possibly can. But for the past few years, I’ve always had stomach bloat that I just cannot seem to get rid of, no matter how many salads I eat! (thats how it works, right?) So when I heard about Flat Tummy’s detox program, I was ready to go all in.


30 Day Program


Call me a loser, but I absolutely love and crave routine. Give me 30 days to do anything and I’ll do it! So I loved how easy it was to just every morning drink a tea, a smoothie, and every couple nights drink the nighttime tea before bed. It was extra exciting that adding in this program did not change my life that much or require too much extra effort. I will almost always have a smoothie for breakfast Monday through Friday (and if I don’t, it would only be because work is miraculously cancelled and someone lured me to brunch — I don’t say no to brunch), so I loved that this “meal replacement” really just acted in place of my typical protein powder.

I made smoothies with the Flat Tummy powder, some greens, and frozen blueberries to get in some extra nutrients, and, because it takes a lot to fill me up until lunch, I started adding in some almond butter as well, which, shockingly, kept me full through the morning. It was just like my usual smoothie, but with extra good stuff since this powder is so packed with nutrients. I chose the matcha flavor (read: obsessed with health trends), which actually tasted really delicious, and was a nice switch up to my usual non-flavored protein powders I’d been using previously. I drank these shakes *religiously* every day on my way to work or after my morning workout.

Let’s also just get this out there — the teas are actually delicious. I truly did look forward to them, and I’m a picky tea drinker. Many of the previous detox teas I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot), tasted too fruity or sweet or just plain gross, and I could not bring myself to finish through the detox. These teas, however, taste delicious and almost minty and refreshing. I would drink them just for the taste, if nothing else (honestly!). I could immediately recognize results the day after the nighttime teas, which made me actually feel and experience the detox (if you know what I mean).


The Result


Guess what popped out of hiding after I finished the detox — abs! Yes, really, the abs I thought would never develop were now eviden— tiny little abs that I haven’t had since I was a teen with a metabolism quicker than all the grilled cheeses and bags of Dorrito’s could keep up with. All in all, I would absolutely do the cleanse again, because it really did work, and sometimes we all just need a little extra push to get to the body we know is under all that bloat.

I also really had a lot less stomach issues overall, and this is coming from a girl who has constant stomach aches, digestion issues, and — ahem — certain things not moving regularly enough. But a lot of my digestion issues completely eased up and for once, I was consistently regular (TMI? No such thing).


Favorite Thing


The fact that the cleanse was so easy to do. It was not the kind of cleanse that tells you to eat like a rabbit for three days or digest pills you know cannot be good for you. It was a cleanse that I truly felt detoxed me from the inside out, gave my stomach and digestion issues a break, erased my chronic bloat, and consisted of simply adding in a couple delicious teas during times that I already want a warm drink anyways, and switching out one smoothie powder for another. Oh, and, did I already mention the abs?




Current Lifestyle


A year and a half ago, I decided to become someone who works out. I have never been an athletic kid or young adult. Active – yes. Athletic – hell no. I would have rather hiked or gone on a walk with my dogs than go to a workout class or *gasp* be forced into a group sport. But all that changed when I looked in the mirror and realized I had gained 20lbs of happy relationship weight… which is no big deal (because you’re so happy) until none of your clothes button anymore. What may have started as a weight loss journey has since turned into a love for working out and an excitement at seeing strength and change in my body. I try to hit the gym at least every other day – not for weightloss – but because it helps me manage stress, sleep better, and because I enjoy setting aside an hour for my health.

Last month I ran my first 10 minute mile (of my 28 year life) and I just started crying when I saw the numbers on the treadmill. I never thought I would be a “runner” but slowly and steadily I have seen changes in my body and learned not to categorize myself. If you keep trying, anything is possible. This is coming from the girl who would get side cramps going up the stairs, so you can believe me when I say it.

And let me tell you — that 10 minute mile felt better than any number I have ever seen on a scale.


Why You Wanted to Try the 30 Day Flat Tummy Program


I started the program 30 days before my bachelorette weekend. Despite being someone who has never been comfortable in a bathing suit, I insisted on a vacation that was essentially a weekend spent poolside. Yes, it’s just my closest friends and I know they don’t care about my bikini body (newsflash: no one cares about your bikini body as much as you do) but I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I already don’t like being the center of attention, so I thought doing the 30 day detox would give me the extra oomph I needed. Since ditching my scale and focusing on more tangible NSV’s (non scale victories), I just wanted my clothes (and swimsuits) to fit a little bit better.


30 Day Program


I’ve tried the Meal Replacement shakes before and had actually ordered them again before starting this challenge – so once my 30 day supply showed up, my pantry looked like a millennial pink bonanza. It was amazing.

My favorite flavor for shakes is the vanilla and I realized the best way for me to incorporate them into my routine is to blend one before my 6 am workout. My go-to combination is unsweetened almond milk + the powder + a scoop of peanut butter. I take them to class in an insulated holder and sip on them afterward on my drive home. I found that it keeps me from crashing post-workout, saves me time in the morning, and is great because I am getting that dose of protein you need within 30 minutes of an intense workout. It also helps curb my expensive addiction to Whole Foods because my breakfast is already waiting on me.

I truly love these shakes because they set my day off on the right start and when I drink them, I notice a significant change in my sugar cravings. And coming from a certified candy addict, this is major. It’s such an easy change and incredibly convenient to my lifestyle.

I swapped out my morning coffee for the tea with half a lemon squeezed in. I thought ditching my morning iced coffee would make me an angry monster, but in fact I felt better and avoided the 1 pm crash where I usually head to my pantry and devour anything I see. The bedtime tea wasn’t as easy to remember (since you don’t do it every night), but when I did remember to drink it — I noticed a significant difference in my stomach the next day. It’s also a very satisfying *ahem* cleanse — if you know what I mean. After two weeks, I ended up setting a reminder on my phone so I wouldn’t forget.


The Result


You can see above that I was so insecure about this swimsuit because of my lower belly pooch. After the 30 day program I felt light and noticed that my clothes fit differently. My eye wasn’t immediately drawn to my lower stomach. I spent my entire bachelorette comfortable in all my tight fitting dresses and even *SERIOUS SHOCKER* wanted to take photos in my bathing suits. Such a drastic change from the girl who wanted to put on a bathing suit and immediately hide her lower body under water.

An added benefit was even after the 30 days, when we landed in Palm Springs my friends were complaining about being bloated and constipated after flying for so long… without getting too graphic — flat tummy kept me from being either of those things the entire trip. I can’t wait to do it again leading up to my wedding!


Favorite Thing


The seriously-satisfying cleanse of the nighttime tea.



If you want to try it for yourself, use the discount code: EVERYGIRL10 for 10% off.


This post was in partnership with Flat Tummy Co., but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

  • Katerinabeth

    Any company that doesn’t disclose the ingredients in their food or teas is a big “nope” for me. And anything that has a laxative effect (they can call it “cleansing” all they want, but let’s be honest: it’s a laxative, even if it’s “natural”) is potentially extremely dangerous and can have long-term effects on your health. Not to mention, the Flat Tummy Co has terrible advertising morals (just google the backlash of their Times Square ad).

    I’m all for bloggers putting instagram trends to the test and sharing with their readers, but at minimum, please include a disclaimer that you’re not medical professionals and anyone considering this should speak to their physician first. It would also be important to mention that the products aren’t regulated by the FDA, and maybe interview an MD (an internist or gastroenterologist) who can provide an evidence-based perspective and potentially provide the alternate viewpoint to your editors’ ringing endorsement.

    • This, this, this!!!

  • MeaganDut

    “I’ll do just about anything Gwyneth Paltrow tells me to do” is exactly what is wrong with this industry, and I can’t take anyone seriously who says this. GP has no credentials, just the bod and the money to create influence. I bet this person also eats gluten-free for no reason.

    Taking laxatives to reduce bloat is not new. But they can be addicting and harmful if used too frequently, including making your body less able to ‘move’ on its own.

    I’ve commented on this point before, but it’s worth restating: I sincerely hope that this site does not become a platform for pseudo-science and fads.

    • ….sadly, they’ve definitely already gone down that road. Have you seen how many “get rid of toxins!!!” posts they have here?

    • Thanks for your response Meagan! I follow Gwenyth Paltrow’s advice, simply because she has the best experts, nutritionists, and doctors in the world that she collaborates with, and has on her podcast, Goop, to share their knowledge with everyone! I also wrote that joke in good humored fun, and I’m sorry if it did not go over well. The teas are not full of harmful laxatives, they are full of natural herbs and roots like peppermint and dandelion that has been used in teas for centuries! Thank you for your feedback and reading the site! – Josie

      • Katerinabeth

        Oh, no. Goop is NOT a source for health or medical advice. Her medical consultants have been disproven time and time again and are hardly reputable. Please educate yourself through responsible sources, like Jen Gunter, a respected OBGYN who has been speaking out about the GOOP fads for years. Her whole blog is wonderful, but here’s a good place to start: https://drjengunter.wordpress.com//?s=goop

        (And please see my reply to my original post above that indicates that the no. 1 ingredient in the tea is the same ingredient found in the medication you have to drink before getting a colonoscopy, and is a known laxative. Don’t say it isn’t one when everyone in the medical community says it is).

  • Lindsay Broe

    I find so much wrong with how this “article” was put together that I’m at a loss as to where to start. I think this site just recently published another piece on what “detox” even means and frankly…we have organs in our body that do this for us (liver, kidneys, adrenals, lymphatic system…etc). So to begin, pushing a “detox” product seems rather contradictory to your editorial history.

    And frankly, I think this is just a careless advertorial of uninformed women perpetuating a horribly wrong concept of “detoxing” to an audience without even considering the consequences. You don’t mention anything specific or measurable about the ingredients, which another reader points out below. This doesn’t seem safe to me, and honestly you guys should be ashamed for pushing this content on your readers without another perspective attached to it. Did you even think about having a health professional evaluate this?

    Love your bodies by eating REAL food, not powdered, mystery versions of it!!!

  • kae

    On top of this piece being a fad diet promotion, the photos don’t clearly depict any differences between before and after but rather, totally different angles or outfits, which adds to the deceptiveness of this article. I specifically find it pretty hard to believe that Josie’s before and after pics weren’t taken at the same time with slightly different body angles– identical lighting, plants and furniture in the exact location/same shadows, identical sweat marks or stains on the sports bra, same jewelry, the loose strands of hair from her ponytail by her neck, and the reddish mark/bruise on her shoulder (although maybe this is a birth mark). Why even bother with photos though if you can’t see any “bloat” or lack thereof?

    • Hi Kae! Thanks so much for your message. I purposefully wore the same outfit so that the before and after could be as obvious as possible, and lightened the photos so that it was more clear, so perhaps that’s why the lighting is identical (not a lot of light gets into my bathroom!). I do not change out the plants/furniture so those are always in the same spots! And I consistently wear the same few special pieces of jewelry. Thanks for reminding me that I might need to change it up from time to time!

      As for the mark–yes that is a scar that I’ve had since I was little. I’m sorry to have you wonder about the deceptiveness! And just to note: I really loved the teas! As someone who suffers from a lot of digestion issues, they helped with more than just bloat. Again, thanks for your feedback and for reading the site! -Josie

  • emma

    I agree with the other comments here — this “article” is dangerous, misleading, and unbecoming of The Everygirl’s brand and overall message. This is really disappointing.

  • Jackie

    I’m not sure if there’s been a change in the messaging or target audience of the Everygirl but I feel like the articles are getting more and more into unproductive clickbait. I’m really disappointed that a site that usually uplifts young women and provides resources to reach their goals – even if that goal is weight loss – would focus on a fad brand that preaches appetite suppression. I think that can be really harmful!

  • Amy

    I agree with everything that has been said here already. Articles like this are disappointing, misleading, and should just call these “supplements” what they are, laxatives. Consider getting a health editor with some (or any) credentials.

    • Katerinabeth

      I totally agree. After the backlash after their “A GI Expert’s Guide to a Healthy Gut” article that they had to change the name of after a ton of people (myself included) called them out on it because there wasn’t an expert anywhere in the article, just some random 20-something with a keyboard and zero credentials, who claimed that having a c-section messed with the gut’s microflora (it doesn’t) and recommended people see naturopaths (who aren’t actually physicians), you would think they would find someone with at least a working knowledge of PubMed and at least some college (or preferably graduate level) science courses to read through the article before posting it. I’ve been an avid The Everygirl reader since its launch way back when, but it’s gotten out of control with bad and frankly dangerous health advice. I’m tempted to stop reading all together, because I don’t want to support a site that is so epically failing its readers in a very irresponsible way.

  • Michelle

    I am so so so bummed that The Everygirl would post this. I won’t touch on the experiences of the women above, because this is their choice. But, as an organization I would hope that you would have never pushed this as a safe and healthy option for “the everygirl.” That girl that isn’t bombarded daily with reminders that she isn’t enough. Your body already detoxes. Your liver is doing its job and if it isn’t, then please seek medical help. “Flat tummy tea” isn’t sustainable for the long term. This is an embarrassment.

  • Katie

    It’s disappointing to see The Everygirl partnering with a company that sells things like “appetite suppressing lollipops”.

  • Margaret O’Leary

    Well this is garbage. I understand having sponsored posts but this is gross and way off brand.

  • Thanks so much for your feedback! We always encourage knowing your body and what’s going into it. All of the ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging and we did our research to find out what was actually going in the smoothies and teas before testing it. The teas are actually just like a standard digestive tea, with natural herbs and roots like peppermint, dandelion leaf, and liquorice root! All work to simply helpin your body digest food, and have been used in teas for centuries! The shakes are filled with nutrients like 20 grams of plant based protein and 22 vitamins and minerals. No crazy laxatives here, simply ingredients that we know and were comfortable adding into our already healthy lifestyles!

    I’m sorry you were disappointed by the post, but many of our readers (and team members) had seen this brand on instagram and were excited to test it for 30 days and see the results. – Josie

  • Anna

    I hope you’re listening to all this feedback. As women, we constantly get bombarded with ads and sponsored content telling us we’re not thin enough. Extremely disappointing that The Everygirl is willing to jump on that train.

  • Not a fan of this at all. Surprised, actually!

  • Sabrina

    I agree with all the comments from readers on this article. This is very disappointing and really contradicts what their usual posts promote- how to achieve a healthy body image and self love/care practices. They definitely missed the mark and their editorial team did a bad job by letting this content go live.

    • Margaret O’Leary

      And they’re doubling down in the comments which is even worse. The Kardasians get crap for pushing this crap.. why would TheEverygirl do it?!?!

  • Katerinabeth

    Agreed, LS. And Flat Tummy Co doesn’t list their ingredients on their website, so that’s super shady that you can’t read before you buy. (I just checked, and apparently now they do…I am 99.9% sure when I checked their FAQ page yesterday it wasn’t there because I specifically went looking for it, so I wonder if they added it after the backlash on this article).

    Magnesium is a mineral and therefore can be totally natural, but it’s a laxative (when mixed with citric acid, another natural ingredient, to become magnesium citrate). Just because a product doesn’t call itself a laxative doesn’t mean that it isn’t one. Not everything that is a natural herb is safe, so the 22 minerals claim doesn’t really mean anything at face value.

    In fact, senna leaf, the number one ingredient in the tea, is classified as a laxative. It’s also found in the medication they give people the night before their colonoscopies, which is probably why Flat Tummy Co tells users to drink the tea at night and then all your editors had a “cleanse” the next morning. That’s not something someone should be drinking as part of a fad. It doesn’t aide in digestion. Sennosides (like senna leaf) have a mechanism of action that irritates the lining of the bowel wall to cause contractions to stimulate defecation. That’s great if you’re constipated and need medicinal intervention, but not for a casual user who wants to flatten their stomach. If anything, you’re going to dehydrate yourself and lose water weight. (Not to mention there are double-blind studies on PubMed that show these supplements don’t have the intended outcomes). There are warnings against extended use of products containing senna leaf.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. The tea is a laxative.

  • Jade Henderson

    *sigh* I’m EXTREMELY disappointed with this article for many, many reasons. I expect more from this site, as do all of the readers who’ve taken the time to comment. How was this approved?

  • Ally

    I agree with everyone here. While you have clearly labelled that this is a partnership, I’m surprised you would partner with a fad diet at all. There is nothing healthy about forcing your body to ‘detox’. Nothing good will come of using or promoting ‘quick fixes’.
    The only people who support these kinds of diets are the ones who created them and the ones who are getting paid to promote them.
    I wont be visiting your site again.

  • Grace

    The fact that they allowed this article to be posted is one thing, but then they go one further and encourage the authors to try and defend their (clearly wrong and misleading) position is even more baffling. The crime is wrong, but the cover-up is just as bad. To the editors– you really need to either remove this article altogether, or post a follow-up apology. This is not the kind of content we come here for, and you know that!
    I used to jump on this site first thing in the morning to get some inspiration and encouragement for the day, but since this article was posted, I’m just here for the drama. :/ TE– clean it up or you’re guaranteed to lose more readers.

  • I was excited to read an honest review of this tea because it sounds ridiculous and so many influencers post about it but once I saw it was sponsored by them I knew it wasn’t truly going to be honest and I was bummed about that.

  • Catherine

    I’m really disappointed that this site would endorse such a product. “Detox” products are a sham and unhealthy.

  • Sarah

    I’m thrilled to see readers talking about what a disappointment this content is. There are a lot of advertisers to partner with who are selling products that empower women and encourage health and Flat Tummy Co isn’t one of them. The name itself is perpetuating the idea that health is associated with a particular type of mid-section aesthetic. This brand is teaching anyone who is watching that appetites need to be suppressed and meals need to be skipped and that’s completely ridiculous. We owe it to each other to offer information about how to be our best selves, and rarely are our best selves starving and relying on tea, shakes, and lollipops for nourishment. I highly recommend checking out the IG account @i_weigh because they are actively boycotting all things Flat Tummy Co. and calling out what makes all of us valuable beyond the scale. They’re doing the important work that The Everygirl could be doing with its amazing audience reach. Keep growing, keep making money for the site, and keep creating content, but stop aligning yourselves with brands that don’t serve anything other than the patriarchal ideal that we need to be thin. There are many ways to battle bloat and help digestion, and most of those ways don’t come with the false promise (or misguided need to have) a flat stomach.

  • Emily Saugstad

    My team is creating a detox bar! check out the link for more information! https://mailchi.mp/ee5d9f1472bb/bu3v8hktej

  • Joshua Matthew Smith

    Amazing article! Very informative! Thank you so much for posting it. I’ve had success with this method as well. I hope it brings as much success for you as it did for me! http://bit.ly/2Z95IC9