This Is the Only Beauty To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

And 7 Other Things on the Internet This Week

We get it — you’re running the office or you’re running your kids to preschool, matcha latte in hand. You’re doing it all, having it all, and absolutely busy. We’ve made it easy to stay #relevant by collecting our favorite articles from the week on pop culture, beauty, entertainment, etc., aka News for The Busygirl (see what I did there?). Read on for all the updates you need from the week.


1. Barbie, your favorite dress-up doll that gave you lots of fun and unrealistic body image, vlogged (yes, vlogged) about why girls should stop saying sorry, and it’s high key the inspiration we all needed. 

On a weird, cartoon-ish “vlog,” Barbie, in all her blonde-hair-pink-clothed glory, talks about how girls and women say “sorry” too much, and it’s time we all stopped. I started watching the video rolling my eyes at how childhood entertainment has turned desperate and borderline creepy, and ended the video with tears rolling down my face. Share it with your daughters, your nieces, your friends, or on your Facebook wall. The world needs to see this.


2. Anthropologie is clearing out their summer inventory with an extra 40% off

Excited The Hills GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

You get a maxi dress! And you get a maxi dress! And YOUUUUU get a maxi dress!


3. The only beauty to-do list you ever need in your life just happened, and of course it’s what the internet’s been needing — easy at-home beauty treatments to do when you’re bored. 

Sure, you could also be watching season 2 of Queer Eye for the 600th time, but next time you’re bored, try these random, but awesome, beauty treatments, instead, and get your self-care on.


4. Serena Williams wanted Italian food for dinner so her husband took her to Italy and I can’t even get a text back.

Yes, this did really happen. And Serena deserves every bite of what was surely a delicious spaghetti cacio e pepe with truffle (I haven’t thought about it at all). I’m angry at my husband, and I don’t even have one.


5. Guess what, you guys — weight is not the only reason to love (or hate) your body. It does a lot of awesome things besides just looking good (but you do look damn good!). 

So let’s love our bodies, and love them for more reasons than just looking good, okay? They take you through marathons, through carrying children, and even through eating an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s — all seem like impossible feats, and yet, there’s so much your body can do.


6. Beyonce posted new photos of vacationing in Europe (naturally the entire world stopped spinning) and these pictures of Blue Ivy are my summer Instagram inspiration.

I have honestly never been more jealous of a six-year-old. Her style is so fleeky, she’s the first born of queen and king of the world, and she has more than BDE than Pete Davidson. Oh and the twins were there too. We love you, Carters! Never stop being extra.


7. John Krasinski wants a The Office reboot because he’s worried about how Jim is doing in his future and SAME, OKAY!

Did he and Pam have more children!? Are they still so madly in love (of course they are)!? Are they in Austin, or back where they belong in Scranton!? Is Jim finally having a rewarding career!? Is he still convincing Dwight that he’s stealing his identity? We love you, Mr. Emily Blunt, but really we miss Jim.


8. Speaking of The Office (aren’t we always?) find out which quote from the show defines your life, because how else are you able to understand what you’re going through if Dwight doesn’t tell you?

I got, “No! God please! No! Noooooooo.” in reference to when Toby comes back from Costa Rica, and I think I truly did say exactly that this past week when Jason got sent home on the Bachelorette, so it’s a highly accurate quiz.