5 Gender Equality Initiatives You Should Know About

In recent years, the push for gender equality has been at the forefront of the news, smartphones, social media channels, conversations, and thus, our minds. In order to elevate gender equality to more than a trend or movement, there are a number of organizations fighting to increase awareness of gender disparity and to shine a light on how to end gender discrimination and bias for good.

Here are some initiatives in the business of gender equality that you should know:


1. The Female Quotient

If you have not heard of The Female Quotient yet, then you have been missing out. This powerhouse team is in the business of advancing workplace equality. Founded by CEO Shelley Zalis, TFQ believes that gender equality is not only a social issue, but an economic imperative. The community of female business women host experiences at conferences, corporations, and college campuses around the globe. Recently, TFQ lounges have appeared at The World Economic Forum, Cannes Lions, and the Consumer Electronics Show.


2. Girl Gaze

What started off as a hashtag (#girlgaze) in 2016 has now turned into a movement. Girl Gaze was created under the notion that it was important for photography to show how women see the world, a perspective often overlooked by mainstream media. This mission is to close the gender gap by providing job opportunities to Gen Z and millennial creatives. Three years later, Girl Gaze has grown into a Los Angeles tech company that provides paid job opportunities and access to live events to its community of female photographers, directors, and creatives.  


3. Take the Lead

Source: Take The Lead

By 2025, women will take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors if Take the Lead has any say. This nonprofit is led by a team of trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and activists dedicated to leadership parity. Take the Lead works with other programs to teach women how to break the code on changing systems for the future and how to succeed and thrive in existing systems. The nonprofit offers live events and networking opportunities — both online and in person — to empower women to lead.


4. Global Fund for Women

One of the leading foundations for gender equality around world, the Global Fund for Women stands on the fundamental idea that “women’s rights are human rights.” The foundation works to find, fund, and strengthen its groups that work with the most marginalized women in the world. The Global Fund for Women provides multi-year grants to fund women’s rights human initiatives and help these organizations to spotlight issues affecting girls and women.


5. STEM for Her

Source: STEM for her

Research from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization shows that women are less likely to enter and more like to leave careers in the STEM field. STEM for Her seeks to change this by promoting awareness and education, and providing opportunities for girls and young women to succeed in STEM-related careers. Formerly known as the Women in Technology Education Foundation, STEM for Her provides scholarships and financial support for programs that promote interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The nonprofit also offerers girls and young women mentorship from women in STEM careers, as well as community-based programs and speaking events.