Get Interview Ready with IFB

Let’s be honest, interview style can be a bit drab. Dark unflattering suits, starchy white button-ups, boring shoes. Doesn’t it seem wrong that in order to get the job you’ve been dreaming about, you have to wear the most impossibly bland clothes? We fully believe that, much like your resume, your style should reflect your strengths, confidence, and personality. In fact, how you present yourself to your potential employer can often times be more powerful than what is on paper.

Whether you are pursuing a career in the corporate, fashion, or art and design field, we’re sharing three interview looks of flattering and affordable pieces that will help you feel like the savvy stunner you are.

Radiate your business smarts with a hefty dose of confidence in these business-focused looks. Balance the more structured pieces (classic trousers that compliment the silhouette) with playful components (fanciful earrings, neon belt), and create a look that is composed with an ounce of flair.

Feel cool, calm, and collected by strutting your chic self into an office with an outfit that matches your personality and individuality. Unlike other offices, here your future fashion employer wants to see your stylish flair. Don’t go crazy (leave the ornate and overly glossy for later), but definitely embrace certain trends for a modern, glamorous feel your employer will appreciate.

Creative (arts, journalism, design):
Where business is structured and fashion is glamorous, art is fresh and relaxed. And your interview outfit should reflect this as well. From a design agency to a creative studio, an art interview outfit should reflect your unique edge that shows you are daring and bold, yet not overly flashy.