Girls Night: Pitch Perfect

Any film that involves New England prep schools, Chicago, Ryan Gosling, or singing immediately shoots to the top of our “movies we want to see” list. Add in a grade A ensemble cast of funny females, and we’ll be first in line on opening night. All things considered, it’s really no surprise then that we’ve watched the trailer for Pitch Perfect at least ten times over.

Two other reasons we’re dying to see the new chick flick? Funny girls Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Miss Anna  went from a supporting role in Twilight (in which she totally held her own—delivering each line flawlessly as opposed to some of the other movie’s stars—coughkristenstewartcoughcough) to an Oscar-nominated role alongside George Clooney. Girl is good. Then there’s Rebel who we all know as the second roommate to Kristen Wiig’s character in Bridesmaids. Her role in Bridesmaids was small but mighty, and her standout quotes about a “Mexican drinking worm” and the “sad, handwritten book” filled theaters will laughter. Glad to see she’s getting larger, well-deserved roles!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it here:

Horizontal running… must try that some time.

Looks like we’ll likely be grabbing dinner with the girls and heading to see Pitch Perfect when it hits select theaters this Friday, 9/28. The movie officially opens everywhere next Friday on 10/5. Check your theaters for local listings! And visit Sarah Scoop tomorrow for your chance at a giveaway as part of the Pitch Perfect Remix Blog Tour!

To get you in the singing mood, we’ve put together a playlist of some of our favorite girlie tunes! What’s a favorite song among your friends?



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