Giveaway: Choose What Item Belongs in the 2013 Time Capsule and Win a Basket of P&G Beauty Products

The idea of a time capsule is genius, eye-opening, and hilarious. Imagine what you’d find if you had made one in the 90s… I’m certain that we would have included a Caboodle filled to the brim with scrunchies, pink foam hair rollers, glitter eye shadow, our favorite Herbal Essences shampoo (lavender), some Saved by the Bell or Jonathan Taylor Thomas paraphernalia, a Tamagatchi, and of course, a yearbook with handwritten notes in the margins.

But that was then. Imagine making one today. I bet you’d be hard-pressed to come up with non-technology related items… so iPhone, tablet, laptop aside… what belongs in the 2013 time capsule?

P&G, maker of many of our favorite beauty brands (Pantene, Venus, COVERGIRL, etc.), is doing exactly this, and they want our help. They have a poll over on Facebook where we can select which of their products most belongs in the capsule. Our pick? The Venus Original razor. I mean, those catchy commercials have been on for how many years now and show no signs of disappearing. We personally swear by their razors and blow through them faster than you can sing, “I’m your Venus… yeah, baby, she’s got it!” So that’s why it’s got our pick.

They even created this time-lapse video that illustrates how beauty styles and trends have changes over the years… fun to see the products on the shelf change as the years pass.

How to Enter:
You can enter to win a basket full of P&G beauty products if you head over to Facebook and fill out the poll! Then come back and let us know what item you chose! Be sure to include your email so we can contact you!

Wednesday, June 26 at midnight. Winner will be contacted on Thursday!