Giveaway: Win Invisalign® Teeth Straightening Treatment!

A big part of being in your twenties and thirties is figuring out who you are, who you want to become, and what you want out of life. The ups and downs of your real life coming-of-age story can be unsettling and confidence-deflating, which is why it’s important to feel good about yourself mentally and physically. You need confidence to speak up in the office meeting, to introduce yourself to others at a networking event, and to keep applying even when the job search seems never-ending. You need confidence to approach that smiling stranger at the bar and to walk away from a bad relationship. You need confidence to put yourself out there and go after what you want.

We’ve teamed up with Invisalign to aid in a confidence boost for one lucky Everygirl. Like we said, it’s important to feel good about yourself on the inside and out, and a confident, healthy smile sure helps. We are offering one lucky winner complimentary Invisalign treatment to straighten her teeth, valued at approximately $5,000!

Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners meant to straighten teeth without brackets or wires. The aligners can be easily taken out and placed back in which makes everything from eating to brushing a breeze (all of us who had strawberries stuck in our braces at the 6th grade lunch table can attest this would be highly preferred). Advancements in Invisalign’s technology have made it possible to correct a broad range of difficult situations such as: deep bite, overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, open bite, crossbite, overbite, and underbite. If you think you qualify and want to give your teeth the boost it deserves, enter to win!

The Giveaway: One lucky winner will win a complimentary treatment from Invisalign valued at approximately $5,000! Part way through the treatment, the winner will share their story about why they wanted to win and what they hope having a more confident smile will do for them! Please note before/update/after photos and video will be shared on The Everygirl along with the first-person narrative that the winner will be responsible for writing.

To Enter: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: Take Invisalign’s Smile Assessment and then leave a comment on the giveaway post telling us about your Invisalign smile assessment results and your most compelling toothy story (what type of issue you have such as gaps/spacing, overbite, deepbite, etc.; why you want to win; and/or how you think it will change your life/confidence, etc.). Then Everygirl editors along with Align Technology, will read through comment submissions to choose the winner, which will be based on story submissions.

See all rules and regulations here.

Deadline: Please submit comment(s) by midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 6. Winner will be announced via social media on Tuesday, May 13!

Winning: Everygirl editors along with Align Technology, Inc., the makers of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen®, will select one winner upon their sole discretion of all eligible entries. Considerations for judging include: completion of smile assessment and most compelling toothy story. We will announce the winner on or about May 13, 2014 on Everygirl’s Twitter page and contact the winner through the email address used to submit the photo. Winner must confirm receipt of email within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen. Consultation for Invisalign treatment will be scheduled with a certified Invisalign provider within 21 calendar days of winning the prize. Not all winners may be candidates for Invisalign treatment. “Before” photos and videos will need to be photographed. Winner will work with Everygirl editors to accomplish all of this. 

This giveaway is sponsored by Align Technology, Inc., the maker of Invisalign, but all of the opinions herein are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

  • Stephanie Morbidelli

    I have always wanted straight teeth, however my parents have never had the money. I had my school formals and never smiled because of my teeth. To win invisalign would be a dream.

  • Stefanie Vermette

    So happy I found this forum. Dental health is such an important part if anyone’s life. Not only does it help to boost your confidence, it contributes to your overall health. I have had so many issues because of my overbite and crowding, resulting in so many cavities and fillings that I’ve lost count and the loss of a tooth. Despite following all dentist suggestions for proper dental health, I continue to struggle, spending hundreds of dollars at a time to fix ongoing issues. As much as I have wanted Invisalign, I have yet to put my teeth above the financial needs on my family, and so the cycle continues. Not only would this help me, but the savings on dental work would definitely save me tons of money and help my family overall. Thank you for this opportunity, just having the chance lifts my spirits.

  • Kristine Johnson

    This would be absolutely amazing,
    I have an over bite and crowded teeth both bottom and top and This has been since my adult teeth came in. My older sister never jad this problem and my parent were able to get my little sister braces but I was never able to. I have alway been self conscious about my teeh and I dont like my smile, I use to get picked on for my teeth. I would love invisalign to finally have a straight pretty smile.

  • Amanda Vernaci

    When I was a little girl I had extremely crooked teeth. Braces were a must. I had braces in high school to fix my teeth. I ended up wearing braces for almost 3 years! It was a long process but the confidence I had from having straight teeth was worth it. Now in my mid 20’s, my teeth have started to shift and all the hard work and pain that I put up with seems to have gone to waste. I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth that shifted my teeth. I also have a popping in my jaw that can be heard anytime I yawn, eat, open my mouth… not only is it embarrassing, it’s painful. I had a consultation 2 years ago for invisalign to correct this problem with my jaw and to straighten my teeth. He said I had a severe case of TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) which can basically result in lockjaw if it goes untreated. He said that invisalign or braces would realign my jaw so that it doesn’t click when I open it. He recommended the treatment before it got worse but I just could not afford the treatment. Traditional braces were an option but being in my mid 20’s and working in a corporate setting, I need something less noticeable. Since my consultation, it has only gotten worse. I have lost confidence in myself with my teeth shifting. I have bigger teeth so I just feel like its all people can look at when they see me. I would love to win this treatment. Good luck to everyone!

  • Amanda Simpson

    I have always had self esteem issues because of the way my teeth look have a huge overbite that I don’t like and my bottom teeth are cricked I don’t like my smile although everyone tells me I have a pretty smile I have looked into it a few times but due to me not working have 2 children and divorced at 26 years old I can’t really afford it so I really hope I win because I will be so happy and I will start to gain confidence in myself… Fingers crossed and praying for a miracle

  • Rebecca

    Although I’m trying really hard to not get my hopes up, I couldn’t be happier that I came across this post. I am 22 years old, saving up to move out, currently working two jobs and putting myself through college. I had braces when I was younger, thanks to my parents working so hard to be able to afford the orthodontic care. I spent 6 years with orthodontic wires, braces, bumpers and night brace to correct my crowded teeth. After so long of enduring treatment, when it came time for my braces to finally come off, I made a huge mistake. I arrogantly decided I didn’t need to wear my retainer regularly. It’s been five years now and my teeth have shifted to a state that is even worse than before my treatment began. My bottom teeth are on top of each other. (being described as a “train wreck” by my dentist) Not to mention they are slowly forming an underbite as they pass in front of my top teeth. I worry that if I don’t fix this soon my top teeth will also begin to shift, and my entire bite will change. I can’t even imagine a life where I’m not burdened by my enormous insecurity of my teeth/smile. I think about it every day. I met with an orthodontist to find out what it would take to fix my teeth and it is simply out of reach for me right now. My only concern is that too much time passes between now and when I can finally afford treatment that my teeth will be a disaster. I’ve read through many of the stories here, and the truth is, any of us are worthy of this amazing offer. I just hope luck favors me in this instance. All I want is to be confident about my smile again.

  • Terren Sullivan

    I have rather intense crowing, and an over jet. I once had nearly straight teeth when I was about 13, as a result of having braces for two years. Being a rebellious adolescent, I refused to wear my retainers after:/ I know.. If I could go back and tell my 13 year old self ANYTHING it’d be to wear the damn retainer! Unfortunately the orthodontist placed my braces improperly leading to a large amount of decalicification on my teeth, regardless of the great lengths I took to keep my teeth as clean as possible. Also, as a result of the improper placement the roots of my teeth have been dulled down, according to another orthodontist. What this means is that it would take a lot less of an impact to my teeth (especially my two front teeth because they were shifted most) to have them pop out! So scary. Because of this Invisalign is my only option for a straighter smile, since this system doesn’t cause the same effects. As a result, personally I’ve realized over time in my photos that I smile less and less with my teeth showing. It’s actually quite sad. Now, being 20 and living on my own and being a full time student, being employed part time, and recently taking on an internship, I don’t have the funds available to get the Invisalign without risk. Which is why I’m writing this now, in hopes of getting my smile back:)

  • Andrew Ramirez

    Hi, my name is Andrew Ramirez. For years I have been eager to start the journey to getting straighter teeth. I have been struggling with my teeth for many years as they continue to increasingly become less straight and my overbite becoming worse. We have always been hopeful to find a cheaper alternative to receiving that close to perfect smile I have always wanted. I have been to multiple consultations and orthodontist appointments and I have been hoping to start sooner but financially it was never the right time with my family. I was introduced to many other options as time went on that were supposedly quicker treatments as well as less expensive treatments, but it didn’t seem right to me or my family when it came to surface. I am a person who is very dedicated to the way I show myself to others and for many years my teeth have been the one thing I have always been extremely self conscious about and has brought my confidence down in plenty of situations. I am hoping that with this giveaway, I will win and I will finally have the chance to receive that close to perfect smile I have always wanted and have dedicated much of my life stressing about, as well as finally boost my confidence level. I have looked into Invisalign many times and I have been for many consultations regarding an Invisalign treatment plan. It would seem that I was many steps closer to that almost perfect smile that I have always wanted. Although, in hopes to begin my journey, financially it would never be the right time. My confidence continues to decrease dramatically as my smile continues to get worse and I hope to be chosen for this giveaway in hopes for a major transformation once treatment is over. It would absolutely change my life in so many ways and dramatically impact all of my life and years to come. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I look forward to finding out the results as to whether or not I am the perfect candidate for this giveaway. Thank you so much once more.

  • Tiara Reynolds

    Well I’m guessing this is over but I’ll post anyways, I have always been self-conscious about my smile. My top row of teeth are very cluttered and it pushes two of my teeth to the back. When I see people with a beautiful smile, it kind of hurts me. I’m 18 and I hardly ever smile. I cover it with a fake smile or place my hand over my mouth. I wish I could be comfortable with my smile but I feel as if people judge me because my teeth are cluttered and not straight. I wanted braces when I was younger but I didn’t have the money for them and I still don’t. I’m in college, now is the time I’m supposed to be loving life and enjoying myself but I can’t because I always think about my smile and how imperfect it is. It just makes me sad. I want a pretty smile, not what I have.

  • Wilmarie Lopez

    I just recently started researching options to help my teeth issues. I found invisalign and took the Smile Assesment. It seems that I am the perfect candidate and Invisalign would be the best option for me! The only thing keeping me from getting the treatment is that I cannot afford it. I never wore braces before and quite frankly I had the perfect smile. I received compliments all the time. It was my best asset! I had an accident 4 years ago while I was riding my bicycle – a car hit me. Apparently I ate the pavement. I actually did! And I have it tattooed in some parts of my lips and in my soul. Luckily I lost consciousness. While I am very grateful that I am alive, I was left with tons of issues in my mouth, brain and soul. All of my upper teeth were displaced and had to be wired. I broke one that had to be repaired, I lost one in the bottom and I got an implant. My upper lip was severed and had to be repaired and my bite is just not the same. After many costly dental treatments I am out of resources but still left with problems. TMJ is also showing up these days. My bottom teeth touch my upper when I close my mouth and my lower teeth have become crowded. I think that due to my bite changes I have a slight speech issue and I am embarrassed to say that most all of the time I spit when I talk. This is extremely embarrassing!
    Invisalign and The Everygirl, please help me get my confidence and awesome smile back!

  • Angela

    I come from a family of 9 children. growing up, most of my siblings needed braces but never got them because we could never afford it. I am the middle child. long story short, I ended up with my k9 tooth overlapping another tooth causing chipping and discomfort (constant discomfort). and because of my crooked teeth my jaw is now crooked, causing pain when I chew.. I have been looking desperately for affordable solutions but, I am a nanny and don’t have any dental insurance. I am now 21 and getting married in April of 2017! people ALWAYS tell me I need to smile more, and I want to so badly! I wish that I could look my best for my wedding, and finally be confident in my smile!

  • catherine

    Smile with Confidence is what I really want to do in my life. I want to smile, sing and talk with confidence. I always ask myself “What is confidence?”

  • Alexa Venuto

    My smile is something that I’ve had low self esteem with. I see everyone with beautiful teeth and I feel envy towards them knowing I could not afford them. I’ve never been told I have a beautiful smile because I am always hiding my teeth. My bottom teeth are fortunately straight but my front “fangs” are both crooked. I am currently in college and I’m afraid that I will have to pay off my student loans instead of fixing my teeth. I want to be able to shine radiantly and fit in with my friends and peers to smile as confidently as they do. This is such a wonderful opportunity that you are presenting and I hope I am given this chance that I would never been able to offer myself otherwise.

  • Char

    I really would like to get this treament,however it cost alot of money and i am unable to do it. I would love to have a perfect smile, but it is not possible right now. I took the assessment twice as this really would mean everything to me.

  • sara williams

    I have always been self conscious about my teeth. My parents could not afford braces when I was little and I cannot afford them as an adult. I have some teeth on the top front that are set back further than the other teeth. I don’t think the treatment would be long for me, but it would make a world of difference! I would love to win so I could finally smile big and proud! Thank you for the opportunity! ~Sara

  • Holli Lorentzen

    Hello, The EveryGirl Editorial Board! My Invisalign Smile Assessment result is I “May be a good candidate for invisalign..”
    The problem with my teeth is i have a “crossbite”. I have a hard time speaking because of my teeth quite often and I constantly bite my tongue through and it bleeds. I get my cheek sometimes, as well, but it’s by far not as frequent as when my tooth gets my tongue.
    I have never had a chance to get braces or invisalign before but I have wanted my teeth to look pretty my hole life. I get asked all the time why I’m not smiling for pictures when I am. I don’t show my teeth because I am embarrassed. I keep very good care of my teeth I floss and brush everyday, I swish coconut oil and tea tree oil mix for 20 min at a time once or twice a month and that is an “oil pull” it pulls toxins out of mouths. Also the coconut oil tea tree oil mix whitens my teeth. I’d love to win this giveaway for the simple fact that I would be so hole heartedly greatful. Everyday I would be able to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and smile at myself with my actual smile not one I live with now to keep my teeth covered and I would think about this EveryGirl Giveaway. I would be reminded everyday by my beautiful wonderful gorgeous smile that good things do happen to good people. I would have the confidence to smile freely without being embarrassed of my smile thanks to The EveryGirl Giveaway.
    I want to thank Align Technology inc. for sponsoring this EveryGirl Giveaway. You are greatly appreciated.

    • Holli Lorentzen

      ):I just noticed this is for 2014..

  • Jess Martel

    Hello! My name is Jess Martel, and according to the Smile Assessment, I am eligible for Invisalign. I used to have braces and a resulting straight smile as a child. When working at Starbucks, however, I lost my final set of retainers and have had a progressively worse smile since then. When I was in elementary school, my teeth and smile were some of my greatest insecurities. Though now I am much happier, to have these insecurities reappear has definitely taken a toll on me. I have severe overcrowding of my bottom jaw resulting in pretty serious crooked teeth and an overbite that overexposes my two front teeth that are starting to overlap. I know braces would be more affordable for me, but I’m done with braces; I don’t want any more metal in me than I already have (my entire spine is fused and I have a rod in my chest). I am about to take out a lot of loans for college and have no way of affording Invisalign. Winning this would be an absolute godsend because at this point, my smile will become nothing but a professional and social impediment and I would love to finally be confident in my own happiness again.