Green is the New Black

  • Copy by: Darlene Campos

From hybrid cars and wind energy to coffee cups made of recycled materials, being green is all the rage. In fact it’s almost unavoidable. While some of our eco-friendly choices are made for us, with companies going the extra mile to provide green options for their customers, for many it is a way of life, continually putting their time and effort towards better health and environmental protection.

I first started my journey to being green during my freshman year of college in Southern California, admittedly by force. My roommate–a Sacramento native who had been eating organic from the womb–constantly harassed me about recycling, biking instead of driving, and eating organic, local foods (preferably from farmers markets). I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t care at all, but it’s amazing what habits you pick up when living with someone. I adopted an environmental awareness that now leads me to make small eco-friendly changes in my day-to-day life. Small things like taking reusable bags to the grocery store–I should mention they’re pink and monogrammed. What can I say? I’m pretty much the envy of my fellow female shoppers.

We’ve been talking more and more about being green over at The Everygirl offices. It was first brought up when Danielle gave Alaina a hard time about not using green cleaning products to wipe up a spill on the floor, claiming that non-organic cleansers are hazardous to her pups. But what about cost? Organic foods are already more expensive, now cleaning products too? One of our staffers quickly chimed in sharing how since she’s switched to using green cleaning products she no longer experiences the headaches she did when using other products. She swears by GreenWorks, a line made by Clorox, and said they smell great, are just as effective as other products, and aren’t crazy overpriced, all without the harsh chemicals. Best of both worlds. Again, it’s just an ordinary purchase that can make an extraordinary difference. And the pups stay safe!

What do you think, Everygirls? Is being green more than just a trend? Do you incorporate green products into your household cleaning regimen? If so, what have the benefits been? If not, what’s keeping you from making the switch?

This post is sponsored by Green Works®. You don’t have to compromise to be clean when you use hard working, plant-based cleaners powered by The Clorox Company.