16 Hangover Cures to Try When Taco Bell Won’t Do The Trick

Raise your hand if you’ve ever Googled “Can I die from a hangover?”

People of the internet, we’ve all been there. After a night of going a little too hard with the Chardonnay or going out for a friend’s birthday, we wake up with an absolutely raging headache, puffy eyes, and an upset stomach from that 2am Domino’s run. 

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After a long Slack discussion and some good old-fashioned internet scouring, we found the best hangover hacks to get you from 0 to at least 50 percent real quick. 

Remember: drinking can be fun, but it can also be incredibly dangerous and addicting. If you or a loved one is experiencing alcoholism or alcohol abuse, you can call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s 24-hour hotline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) for treatment options and resources. 


1. Eat before

Now, this isn’t going to necessarily work if you’re already laying in bed in agony. However, keep these tricks in mind for next time! (Because yes, even though you’re saying now you’ll never drink again, you will.) 

Before a night out, make sure you eat. None of that “I won’t eat dinner so I can save money at the bar!” game. This is one of the most important things to do to keep hangovers from coming the next morning. Make sure to eat a meal that is balanced in carbohydrates and protein, and don’t eat something that might upset your stomach. Eating dinner and realizing two cocktails in that you already feel sick is no fun. Also, keep an eye out for overly spicy foods or acids that might cause heartburn. The last thing we want to deal with the morning after is having to take a handful of Tums just to get through breakfast. 


2. Greasy food

Even our healthiest editors need a good McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin after a night of too much wine. There’s just something about a hearty, greasy breakfast to keep you going. 

Pro-Tip: Eat before you go to bed. Going to bed with just alcohol in your stomach makes you feel gross, bloated, and uncomfortable come morning, so try to eat some crackers, a piece of toast, or basically anything to get some food in you.


3. CBD

Everyone knows CBD is basically a miracle worker for many things, and I’m adding hangovers to the list. CBD is great for pain relief, making it a no-brainer for dealing with headaches and puffiness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve also known to decrease nausea. If you’re already using CBD in your wellness or beauty routine, this might be another chance to bring it out!


4. Have a drink (yes, seriously)

Some people swear by this trick for getting over a nasty hangover and moving on with your day. We’re not saying to shotgun a beer at 10am or anything, but adding a little champagne to your morning OJ might do the trick. 

When the methanol in alcohol enters the body, it turns into formaldehyde, giving us hangover-like symptoms. By drinking a little more the next morning, you tell your body to stop the process of turning methanol into formaldehyde, and the methanol is excreted as waste.

A few of our editors say soda and bitters will cure it all. Our Everymom Contributing Editor Kathy said a waitress in New Orleans told her to try this hack, and she said in 20 minutes, the color had returned to her face. Assistant Managing Editor Lauren said bartenders she knows swear by Underberg, and she notices her stomach settles almost immediately.


5. Drink pickle juice

My grandma told me all about this trick as soon as I had my first sip of alcohol on my 21st birthday! 😜 Aside from my adorable grandma, this trick is also loved by Dr. Oz. Drink a cup of pickle juice to combat the headache, grogginess, and cramping you experience with a hangover. It’ll replenish the electrolytes in your body, and you’ll have a whole jar of pickles to eat! Yum! 



6. Drink Gatorade

Similarly to the pickle juice idea (but slightly less tangy), Gatorade replenishes all those electrolytes you lost dancing the night away (or crying to The Last Song with a little too much Reisling). 

Another important tip: drink some Gatorade before you even start with alcohol. Keeping yourself hydrated is necessary to be able to function the next morning!


7. Turn up the A/C

Nothing (and we mean nothing) is worse than waking up drenched in sweat, wondering what you did to be transported into this sick hell somehow during the night. Crank up the A/C as high as it goes, and add in comfy, soft blankets as your body starts to cool down. This won’t necessarily get rid of your symptoms, but it sure as hell makes your body feel a whole lot more comfortable. 


8. Sleep in

Unless you have something to do today (sucks), we recommend spending the whole day sleeping. That and some water are the best ways to get rid of this nasty disease called a hangover.


9. Pedialyte

Similar to the Gatorade suggestions, Pedialyte is a known resource in our office. The product we all used to rehydrate after a cold in third grade is basically the best way to prevent and get rid of hangovers. Drink before to help slow down the hangover process and after to find the will to live (AKA get through the worst of the headache). We recommend the Pedialyte popsicles this summer — a little childhood nostalgia is exactly what you need!



10. Activated Charcoal

We’ve heard all about how great charcoal is for removing toxins from our skin and brightening our teeth; however, it’s also a great resource for getting over a hangover. It essentially enters your body and helps pull all the toxic (re: alcohol) out. This is another TEG editor-approved hack — just be careful not to spend too much time far away from a bathroom. Charcoal works by cleaning out your gut, and we all know what that means. 


11. Advil

When nothing else seems to be working, it’s OK to bring in the help of a little Advil. Instead of relying on Advil to do all the work after you’re already in the trenches, take Advil just before you go to bed. It’ll help fight off the headaches and upset stomach before they even start.


12. Ice Roller

If you’re a fan of gua sha, an ice roller is a must-have. While gua sha helps with lymphatic drainage, facial massage, tightness, and circulation, an ice roller helps with all that puffiness. Pop your ice roller in the fridge before you leave to go out, and roll it on your face in the morning. Not only will it de-puff and cool down your face (just like that powerful A/C), it feels so good. With an ice roller and donut in hand, I can truly conquer the world.


13. Ramen/chicken noodle soup

There’s a reason our moms fed us chicken noodle soup when we were sick as kids — it works. We’ve already discussed at length the wonders a little sodium can do for you when you’re nursing a hangover, and this is just about the same principle except it’s hot and you can slurp it. What’s not to love?


14. Water

We’re not talking sips here, people. After a night out, your body desperately needs some rehydration. Grab your favorite water bottle (this is Assistant Editor Abigail’s favorite!), and chug, my friend. Your organs thank you.

Insider tip: Editorial Assistant Josie puts this in her water for a ton of vitamin C.



15. DripDrop & Liquid I.V.

For the worst of hangovers, you’ve gotta bring in the big dawgs (not dogs — dawgs). DripDrop and Liquid I.V. is basically like a supercharged version of Pedialyte — it’s meant to rehydrate you as fast as possible, filling your body with enough electrolytes for an entire case of Gatorade. Abigail loves DripDrop, and Josie is a fan of Liquid I.V. We’re here for having both in bulk.


16. DrinkWel

I heard about this from former Everygirl intern and editor Jess Keys. DrinkWel is a capsule you take before you start drinking to help prevent all the nasty side effects of a night out. It’s filled with vitamins to help you replenish your body, such as milk thistle, reishi mushroom, artichoke leaf, and more. With almost a five-star Amazon review, we’re willing to give this a try.

And when all else fails, lay in bed crying, watching Netflix, and wishing you had never discovered the pain and suffering that is alcohol. Cheers!