Happy Independence Day!

  • Copy by: Mary Mullen

As Americans, the Fourth of July is the one of the more meaningful occasions we celebrate. Although this can easily be forgotten amidst all the hot dogs, fireworks, and cold beer, without our forefathers making moves in 1776, America would be a much more uncertain place to live. Sure, the history of this country has been tumultuous, but on this day in 2012, we are free. And that, alone, is something to remember and be grateful for.

We asked our team here at The Everygirl to share what they appreciate most about living in America.

Alaina (editor)
“As a writer and editor, I’m especially grateful for our first amendment: the freedom of speech and press. I can’t imagine fearing repercussions from anything that goes on our site as well as my personal blog and social media. It’s truly a blessing that I think most people often take for granted.”

Danielle (editor)
“Like Alaina, I am also thankful for the first amendment. I love living in a country where I can write what I want, believe what I want, and express myself through media. Without this freedom, Alaina and I never would have been able to launch The Everygirl, and my life wouldn’t be what it is today. I love this day because it is a reminder to be thankful that we live in America. Time to celebrate with sparklers and fireworks!”

Caitlin (editorial assistant)
“Whether its through my blog, my clothing, my home, or in conversation, expression is weaved into every part of my day. I love that the fourth reminds us to thank our lucky stars and stripes that we have the freedom to express ourselves and celebrate it with everything from fireworks to potato salad to spangled banners.”

Chloe (graphics intern)
“The Fourth of July is always a bit of a reality check for me. It signals that summer is suddenly well underway, and the time to do those special summer activities is slowly dwindling down. As bittersweet as it may be, that’s why it’s one of my favorite holidays. It forces us chill out and evaluate how lucky we are to live in the time and place we do. Plus, what’s not to love about celebrating a nation-wide birthday surrounded by the people you love, mounds of food, and the best color scheme out there?”

Mary (writing & social media intern)
“I think it is extremely important that we are able take an active part in choosing our government and who runs our country, and for that I am appreciative. Also, this is one of my favorite holidays… I love America!”

Melanie (writing intern)
“Jesus and writing—these are my two great loves. Here in America, I can believe what I want and write what I want. And that, for me, is something to be thankful for on this Fourth of July.”

Today, while gathering with friends and family to celebrate the red, white, and blue, take a moment to reflect on the many freedoms we are fortunate enough to have. Tell us, what aspects of living in a free country are you most grateful for?