Hear This: London Grammar

The haunting sound of London Grammar is a perfect addition to any fall playlist. This English trio has found a balance between heavy/light and youthful/mature. Their first full-length album, If You Wait, was released this past September and is packed full of eerie vocals, ambient melodies, and slow, heavy beats.

Vocalist Hannah Reid drifts through the album with an emotional edge that could very well give Florence Welch something to worry about—or something awesome to collaborate with (a girl can dream, right?). Check out “Wasting My Younger Years” to hear Reid’s incredible range.

“Strong” features simple guitar melodies that lead into a vocally charged chorus, while “Interlude (Live)” spotlights the instrumental beauty of the album. Other standout tracks include “Hey Now” and “If You Wait.”

So grab some tea, curl up with a book, and give If You Wait a listen all the way through—it’s sure to put a spell on you.

London Grammar just wrapped up their US tour and are touring the UK now. You can check out the rest of their music here!