Hear This: Passenger

Passenger is the equivalent of a soft blanket on a rainy fall day. He sounds like home and feels like a long hug. This Brighton-born singer/songwriter is known best for his acoustic melodies, folky vocals, and heartbreaking, relatable lyrics. The man behind Passenger is 29-year-old Mike Rosenberg, who approaches his songs about life observations and sadness in a way that makes you feel safe; even a little bit less alone in this big, scary world.

From busking (street performing) to intimate club shows, Passenger has been on a steady musical journey with a number of albums to his name. His most recent release, All The Little Lights, is a poetic masterpiece of lessons learned and quiet wit set to melodies that are both catchy and calming. “Let Her Go,” Passenger’s most popular song, is a simple combination of piano, guitar, and strings backing up Rosenberg’s distinct vocals. If we’re being totally honest, the idea of loving someone once you’ve let them go is something easy to relate to. Be sure to listen to other favorites including “All The Little Lights,” “Patient Love,” and “Holes.” And if you want a taste of Rosenberg’s witty sense of humor, check out his famous rant song, “I Hate.”

Passenger just wrapped up a sold out North American tour, but we’re sure that he’ll be back in no time (or at least once he finishes his sold out tour dates in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia). You can listen to more of his music here.