Here’s How to Deal with Office Politics (Without Losing Your Cool)

1. Office politics are real and admitting that doesn’t mean you’ve got “My secret evil plan to screw over my coworkers” scribbled in a notebook somewhere

Workplaces, whether two people or 2,000, are often charged with hidden motives and complex undertones. Here’s how to deal, rationally.


2. Nostalgia is everywhere — literally. Fresh Prince had a little mini-reunion and I miss Carlton dancing SO MUCH. Plus, HOLD THE PHONE, it’s a Buffy reunion for the show’s 20th anniversary and I couldn’t be happier if I tried.

My Buffy-loving heart is full of kickass feminist magic. However, Janet Hubert’s (the original Aunt Viv) heart is NOT FULL at this moment.


3. This New Yorker re-wore her old bridesmaid dresses because “you can always wear it again.” RIGHT.

I cannot give more props to this fabulous woman for spending a day running around New York City wearing her old bridesmaid dresses to prove that “you can always wear it again” is a literal crock of bullshit. All the applause.


4. We’re now one signature away from Internet providers selling our browsing history without our permission or consent.

The resolution, which is expected to be signed by the President, reverses an Obama-era ruling that required Internet providers to obtain customer permission before selling data. Read this for an overview of the ruling and a look at what Internet “privacy” means now.


5. Spring is officially upon us and I want to wear nothing but blazers. 

Long live the preppy vibes.


6. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens were interviewed by two children dressed as Belle and the Beast and this is the sweetest, most pure thing I have ever seen.

Children with British accents are the MOST adorable.


7. The new trailer for the IT remake is here and Stephen King, why do you torture us so?

Why are clowns scary af?! Asking for a friend.

8. Selena Gomez just wore a scrunchie on a date and does that mean they’re back?!

Smh…. what would Carrie Bradshaw say.