This Service Makes Getting Your Birth Control So Much Easier

I’m just going to get right into it: it’s 2019, and birth control should be easy for women to get. (Say it louder for the people in the back!)

Why do we still have to deal with the stress of having to go to the doctor in person just to get birth control? It’s uncomfortable and awkward for some of us, and sometimes making it to a doctor in just the right amount of time is impossible, both based on the hassle of getting there as well as the potential issues one might have with the high cost and insurance.

Birth control is supposed to be there for the women who want it. In 2019, when we can get products and groceries delivered in two hours flat, it’s a bit surprising that there hasn’t been an easier way for women (or anyone with a female reproductive system!) to get birth control. Men can get erectile dysfunction medication delivered to their doorstep, so why can’t we get birth control at our front doors every month? (I’m sorry, I’m passionate about this!)


Well, the future is here, and it’s Hers. The basics are simple: you can order your birth control online at an affordable price without having to visit a doctor in person, and it can be delivered to your door every month.


We’re serious. It really is that easy.



Hers offers 10 different birth control pill options, including the generic options of popular brands such as Yaz, Yasmin, Tri-Lo Marzia, Sprintec, and Lutera. You’re not buying some off-brand no one has ever heard of when you purchase your birth control through Hers. This makes the service feel not only safe and reputable, but it’s also familiar. If you’re unsure of which you’d like, Hers can connect you to a physician who can recommend which will work for your needs and health background.

Hers does not accept health insurance; however, all the products are available at an affordable price point. At $30 dollars a month, Hers is priced less than some birth control options through your healthcare provider with insurance.

For individuals who cannot get health insurance through work (or any other reason), or would prefer to purchase birth control separate from their insurance provider, Hers finally makes this option accessible. Hers can make birth control a viable option for everyone, rather than just individuals with insurance or those who can’t afford another option.


For individuals who cannot get health insurance through work (or any other reason), or those who can’t afford another option. Hers can make birth control a viable option for everyone, rather than just individuals with insurance.



Wouldn’t it be amazing to not have to think about having to call in the prescription and going to the pharmacy every month like clockwork?


We have to repurchase birth control every month, and for those of us who have been around the block a few times with our birth controls, we’re probably used to it. Imagine all the free space you’d have in your to-do lists and all the PTO you would save instead of going to the doctor all the time.



Plus, there’s no judgment.

While there are without-a-doubt amazing doctors and healthcare providers out there who don’t make us feel uncomfortable when we just want some birth control, there are certainly a couple who do, and that feeling is the worst. It is degrading and humiliating to feel like a doctor is judging your choices, especially the ones you make with your body.

And if you’re as obsessed with the Hers branding as I am (it’s like minimal-modern design heaven), they offer solutions to problems aside from birth control. Their line focuses on whole-body wellness, including skin care, hair loss, and low libido.

Hers is out here, identifying the real problems in women’s lives, and creating solutions that are attainable and accessible (and adorably packaged, not to mention). We can’t wait to see whatever else they add to their arsenal! (I’m dreaming of birth control patches and rings!)


Click here to try hers and get your birth control delivered directly to your door, hassle free.



This post was in partnership with hers, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

  • When I was on birth control, I was able to get three packs of pills at the pharmacy so I only had to go pick ’em up every few months. Same with the doctor’s visits, though most of the time I just requested a refill over the month or on my online chart site.

    But I can definitely see how this would be really convenient for a lot of people and I’m going to check out their other products!

  • There are definitely delivery services that use insurance and is $15 without. Nurx is a great one!

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