Don’t Miss H&M’s Best Designer Collab Yet

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In the world of designer collaborations, H&M’s annual spring release is one of the most anticipated launches of the year—and this year’s partnership with Simone Rocha is, in our humble opinion, the best yet.

The London-based Irish designer has made her brand famous for its modern femininity; florals, embellishments, collars, and all-around girly details are at the core of her designs. And while most of us can only admire her work from afar, we have the opportunity to add her essence to our wardrobes with H&M x Simone Rocha, launching March 11

With loads of tulle, volume, and a sprinkle of pearls here and there, the collection is whimsical and dreamy and exactly what we’d like to float into the office in after a year of sweatpants. While H&M’s designer collaborations are always more expensive than their regular collections, they’re only a fraction of what a standard piece would cost from the designers they work with. Looking to add something to your closet that will inspire you time and time again? These are the piece we have our eye on (and get your hands on these fast—the designer collabs generally sell out within hours).