Holiday Hair for All Hair Types

Holiday parties, festive dinners, after-work events, meeting the parents, NYE shindigs–and that’s just the short list of what you have going on this holiday season. Getting ready for all of these occassions can be way more fun if you’ve got a handle on your hair.

There’s always a sense of accomplishment when your hair is camera-ready, without too much fuss. So we’ve put together an easy grooming guide for stress-free styling your textured, wavy, curly and straight hair. Best of all, each look works with all hair types and allows for fresh and whimsical accessorizing. Depending on skill level, each style should take about 15-20 minutes tops and requires minimal products and tools–because looking Instagram worthy in flash is so 2015.


Wind-Blown Waves for Textured Hair

We love us some flirty hair and our first look is directly inspired by the recent Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Get glamazon hair, like we did here on Keisha, by following these quick and easy steps.



STEP ONE: Spray your hair with a protectant (we like an all-in-one shine, protect and hold spray). Start curling hair in small sections in a backwards motion. Start by clipping the ends of your hair with your iron, then moving upwards until you reach about the tops of your ears.

The trick is to leave your roots alone so the look remains effortless and not too “done-up”.

This is the type of curl you’ll be getting with this approach. It’s the modern curly wave you see on the runway.

STEP TWO: Once you’ve finished one side of your head, complete the remaining side with the same approach.

STEP THREE: Secure curl and hold with the same all-in-one hair spray. Now you’ve got runway-ready curls, perfect for any festivity.


The Everygirl Twist for Wavy Hair

Here’s a step-by-step for creating this unique, textured twist braid we originated for this tutorial using Raji’s fabulous hair. This fun braiding technique works with just about any hair texture, but works super well with wavy hair as the hair’s natural texture allows for easy building and maintence of the style.




STEP ONE: Push hair all to one side. Then break hair into four sections. Clip your first section (your front bang area) out of the way for later use.

STEP TWO: Form three different braids with your three remaining sections. From Left to Right: We created a French braid, a fishtail and a rope braid. Secure each braid with an elastic band at the ends.

STEP THREE: Next, start interlocking each braid by pulling one braid through another. This technique will create loads of texture, interest and create one full-looking, chunky braid.

STEP FOUR: Once you’ve unified all the braids. Widen the appearence of your chunky big braid by tugging at the sides–pulling outwards.

STEP FIVE: Take down the remaining section and create a French braid. Intertwine your newly formed French braid with your big, wide braid.

Step Six: Once you get to the end, remove all hair bands and secure all of your braids with just one rubber band–unifying all of your braided sections.

STEP SEVEN: Secure with weather control hairspray as it’s good for winter–helping to control static and fight frizz.

A special thank you to Lovely Details for creating special tiny bracelets monogramed with The Everygirl in honor of our custom braid the #TEGTwist.

A Deep Side Part for Curly Hair

Moving on to curly hair, this style has made the cool-girl and celebrity circuit for good reason–its effortlessly chic and super easy to do. This style works great with any texture, but stays in place best with wavy to curly hair as demonstrated by Michelle.


  • A small wand curling iron (if you want to add more curl definition, otherwise not necessary).
  • One cool girl, statement making bobbi pin (We love these by Bando)
  • Styling Spray (We love Bumble and Bumble Bb Does It All as used here)
  • Rattail Comb



STEP ONE: Remember the goal here is a deep (very deep) part. The part is essentially the style itself so create a very deep part to one side using the point stick of your rattail comb.

STEP TWO: Start grabbing small sections and teasing hair in the opposite direction of your part.

STEP THREE: Once you’ve done that, toss your hair back to it’s original direction (original deep side part) and secure with spray. This technique forces your hair to stay in place (as everyone’s natural part isn’t usually this exaggerated.)

STEP FOUR: Tease at the bottom strands to add volume and make your hair appear a little floaty.

STEP FOUR: Lastly, hold your deep part in place by securing the other side of your hair with a statement bobbi pin, like this one from Bando.

Also for another look, consider embellishing with this adorable tiny Santa Hat by ASOS. We love this look especially if you’re cozing up with your man to unwrap his and her gifts or kissing under the mistletoe.

Create The Party Puff for Straight Hair 

Indecisive about wearing your hair up or down, don’t compromise…try both like we did here on Natasha!


  • Two elastic bands
  • Hair pins
  • Teasing Brush
  • Fun headband or clip (We love this and this by Bando)



STEP ONE: Create a half-up, ponytail and secure with an elastic.

STEP TWO: Tease with a paddle teasing brush at the root of your ponytail.

STEP THREE: Create a loose French braid to create texture and hold any layers in place. Lift and roll into a top knot and secure with pins.

STEP FOUR: Accessorize with a headband or large sized accessory for fun and sass.

Wanna try these looks? Share your finished styles with us on social media and tag us at #theeverygirlbeauty.