How to Eat Your Way Through Paris

  • Copy by: Reema Desai
  • Feature Image via : Rue Rodier

There aren’t many cities out there that we don’t want to eat our way through, but Paris is at the top of our list. Flowing wine, cheeses as far as the eye can see, and the most quaint cafes make for a truly perfect combination. During your next trip to Paris, we’ve planned out all the best eats for you—just wear your stretchy pants.

Cheap Eats

Source: Sincerely Jules

L’Avant Comptoir

Not a cheap eats restaurant in the traditional sense, L’Avant Comptoir offers diners a chance to enjoy over-the-top bites you wouldn’t normally find affordable at very reasonable prices. The small location with affordably priced (and fantastic) wine offers boudin noir, foies gras, and other French delicacies at a prices that are modest (by all standards). There are no seats, so you’ll be standing the entire time, but you’ll be too busy snacking to notice.

L’As du Fallafel

Falafel may not seem like the traditional Parisian food you’d imagine when thinking about the city’s cuisine, but trust and believe that this spot is worth the hype. L’As du Fallafel piles falafel, hummus, cucumbers, harissa, and anything else you’d dream of into a pita to make the most perfect lunch out there. It’s a little messy, and lines can be long, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more delicious or inexpensive lunch in Paris.


For over sixty years, Berthillon has been serving up their iconic ice cream to happy tourists and locals alike. Many visitors tout that it’s some of the best ice cream in the world, and whether you agree or not, it’s worth a visit while in Paris. Though they serve other items as well, who says you can’t eat ice cream for breakfast?

Essential Cafes and Bakeries

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Du Pain et des Idées

This is one of the most famous bakeries in Paris, where bread and pastries are baked with care, love, and precision. It’s authentically French, and a perfect spot to head to if you’re looking for a classic boulangerie experience. Stop here for a morning croissant or pick up a loaf of bread to save for an afternoon picnic on the Seine.

Télescope Café

Télescope is home to some seriously fantastic coffee, as well as a team of knowledgeable staff. Coffee is the main event here but a selection of tarts, sandwiches, cakes, etc. are offered up as well. The interior is well decorated, and it’s a wonderful spot for breakfast or lunch before heading out into the city.

Café de Flore

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of or at least seen a photo of Café de Flore, one of the oldest and most iconic cafes in Paris. Back in the day, writers and artists including Pablo Picasso frequented the space, and today it’s as bustling as ever. On a warm day, the outdoor tables make for a perfect spot to post up on the sidewalk and people watch.

Best Dinner Spots

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Au Passage

The key to Au Passage’s delicious excellence is its simplicity. Snugged in a nondescript alley, the restaurant serves tapas-style plates at their peak freshness in a way that celebrates the ingredient rather than the preparation. Strawberries are simply sliced and covered with homemade whipped cream for dessert, and most entrees are no more than three ingredients. Make sure to delve into their delectable cheeses while downing a glass of organic wine.


Easily one of the most sought after tables in the city, Septime is not to be missed. Reservations are difficult to get so it’s really best to try to get a spot as soon as you know you’re heading to Paris. The tasting menu is innovative and fresh, and the interior is almost too beautiful for words. It’s not the cheapest spot in Paris or the easiest to get into, but put the work in for this one—you won’t regret it.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

You will need to do a little pre-planning and snag a reservation to enjoy a night at this timeless French bistro, but it’s worth it. Expect to indulge on classic French dishes like steak au poivre and beef bourguignon while enjoying a bottle of local French wine. With a bit of luck, you may even be able to grab one of the outdoor seats so you can people watch to your heart’s content.

Where to Drink

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Frenchie Wine Bar

Just across the street from the famed restaurant, Frenchie, this bar is a sister establishment that boasts high quality wines and foods that are on par with what you find at it’s counterpart. The big difference is that Frenchie Wine Bar doesn’t take reservations so it’s recommended you arrive a few minutes before opening to ensure a spot. Once you’re in, enjoy the small plates, excellent wines, and buzzy ambiance.

Experimental Cocktail Club

There’s a speakeasy in just about every city these days, but Experimental Cocktail Club was at the forefront of the trend, and remains immensely popular as result. While here, beeline straight to the cocktail menu to sample some seriously well made drinks. The menu constantly changes, but you’ll be able to order classics like an Old Fashioned or a gin and tonic regardless.

Aux Folies

Is anyone really going to turn down drinking wine on a sidewalk cafe table in Paris? We think not. Aux Folies is a hip spot home to great outdoor seating, relatively cheap drinks, and a constantly bustling atmosphere. In a city with a lot of glam options, this spot is decidedly low key but still oozing Parisian charm.