How to Get Out of a Jewelry Rut

  • Copy by: Camryn Rabideau
  • Feature Image By: Sunita V

I have a love-hate relationship with jewelry. On one hand, I adore how the right jewelry can take a cute outfit to the next level. However, on the other hand, I tend to get in the habit of wearing the same jewelry day in and day out until I never want to see those pieces again.

When I’m in a jewelry rut, I tend to feel uninspired about my outfits, and that indifferent attitude often spills over into my day-to-day life. So if you’re also feeling ho-hum about your jewelry lately, here are a few tips on how to break out of your jewelry slump and get excited about accessories again!

Buy one amazing statement piece.

Source: Rochelle Fox

Many people (myself included) play it safe when it comes to jewelry. It’s easier to make a simple pendant necklace work with your outfit than it is to incorporate a big, flashy statement necklace with your look. However, playing it safe is a surefire way to feel uninspired.

Challenge yourself to find one amazing statement piece, whether it’s an awesome necklace, a bold bracelet, or some wild earrings. Personally, I’m currently obsessed with the bold chain necklaces from Frankly My Dear. Whatever you buy, though, make sure it’s something you really love, otherwise you might chicken out when it comes to actually wearing it. Try to incorporate the piece into one outfit a week—you’ll be amazed at how stepping out of your comfort zone can renew your inspiration.

Try out the latest jewelry trend.

Source: The Mysterious Girl

When your jewelry is out of style, it can make your look feel dated. This season’s hottest jewelry trends include simple chain necklaces that have one strand falling down your chest, 90s-style choker necklaces, chic body chains, and ornate hand pieces — why not break out of your rut by hopping on the latest jewelry bandwagon? Check out what some of your favorite fashion bloggers are wearing, and try out a new trend. You may feel like you’re copping out by emulating someone else’s style, but you can always find ways to make the trend your own.

Layer your existing pieces.

Source: Viva Luxury

On a tight budget and don’t have the funds to buy new jewelry? You can still get out of a rut, but you might have to get a little creative. And if you’re like me, you probably pair the same pieces together out of habit—this necklace goes well with these earrings, etc.

Break this mindset by switching things up! Layer more jewelry than you normally would. Wear two necklaces or several rings at once. Put on a watch and some bangles. Play around with all the different pieces you already have to find a fun new look.

Find inspiration from middle school.

Source: Feast. Fashion. Faves.

Another way to change up your jewelry, while still saving money, is to bring back a middle school staple: friendship bracelets. You can make your own with craft-store string or purchase pre-made bracelets (from brands like Pura Vida). You can layer a bunch for a unique boho look, and you’re sure to get compliments on your nostalgic jewelry vibe.

Remember, mix materials and colors.

Source: Racquel Natasha

Whoever said jewelry has to be silver or gold metal? Adding new colors or materials into your jewelry collection might be just what it takes to inject a bit of excitement into your exsisting jewelry routine.

Look for rose gold pieces or buy jewelry with brightly colored gemstones. Alternatively, you can skip the metal all together and opt for jewelry made of suede, feathers, wood, string, fabric, or something completely out of the box. You’ll be amazed at how big a difference switching up materials can make!

Find a new aesthetic.

Source: Extra Petite

You can also try changing up your jewelry aesthetic—the same way you might change your overall style. If you tend to opt for a minimalistic jewelry vibe, try some over-the-top pieces. If you usually go for a polished look, go wild with bohemian pieces. Even simply switching from silver jewelry to gold can help you break out of the habits that have been holding you down. Force yourself out of your comfort zone, and you’ll surely feel better about your jewelry choices and overall style.

Have you ever been stuck in a jewelry rut? Let us know how you got out of it in the comments!