How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

Everyone would love to afford a vacation every six months, but when you’re fresh out of college working your way up in your field or saving up for a down payment on a home, frequent vacations aren’t always feasible. Enter: the staycation.

Staycations can get a bad rap for not having the same glamour or relaxation as an international jaunt, but we’ve got seven ways to make sure your staycation stands up to even the fanciest of vacations.

Abandon Your Routine

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In order to have a real staycation, you really must commit to abandoning your normal routine. Some people opt to stay at a local hotel during a staycation, and if you’re in that camp then this step will be a lot easier. If you’re hoping to save as much as possible, you’ll likely want to stay at home to maximize your cost savings (and so you can splurge more elsewhere!).

If you do decide to stay at home, and your Saturdays typically consist of taking care of laundry, catching up on emails you missed during the week, and grooming your dog, avoid all of the above! Make your home feel more like a hotel by treating yourself to breakfast in bed, and a plush bathrobe.

On that note, you’re not cleaning your tub during typical vacations, and a staycation should be no different. Take care of all essential chores before your staycation begins to avoid feeling tempted to tidy up around the house. This part is essential! The allure of a vacation is staying in a clean, fresh, new place so be sure to make sure your place is tidy.

If you really want to splurge, consider getting your place professionally cleaned beforehand for an extra luxurious touch. You’ll get the hotel feeling for much less, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Avoid Work and Emails

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We’re all guilty of feeling like we should review emails during vacations—and the feeling only intensifies during a staycation. You’re home, your laptop is right there, and you know you have projects just waiting to be attended to. Resist the urge!

There’s no point in a staycation if you’re planning on toiling away at the office for half of it. Commit to shutting down your computer to avoid the nagging feeling that you need to check your emails.

Put on your out of office, give any pressing info to your team or colleagues, and set your work aside.

Have a Few Really Great Meals

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Food is the heart of any city, and it can be the most exciting part of traveling to a new one. Go have coffee and a pastry in a cute cafe instead of at home, and drop a little more cash than you usually would on dinner at a new restaurant.

Other ideas? Treat yourself to take-out, a great bottle of wine, or a decadent dessert. Of course, you can still cook at home (especially if you enjoy it!) but be sure to indulge in a few special meals.

Get to Work on Your Local Bucket List

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We wrote about creating a local bucket list, but if you haven’t devised one yet, get on it!

The perfect way to start planning what you’d like to do on your staycation is by tackling all those things that you’ve put off experiencing in your own hometown. The new museum you haven’t visited yet, the botanical gardens that look beautiful on Instagram, the new vintage shop across town—add them all to the list.

Take Photos

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If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly reaching for your camera on vacation, but it’s hard to remember to do the same on staycations. Pull out your camera, whether it’s an iPhone, Polaroid or DSLR and go crazy!

Document your days, and have fun with it just as you’d do on a traditional vacation. By taking time to document your time, you’ll pay attention to the little joys and most importantly get into true vacation mode.

Ready to up your photo game? Read our tips on how to improve your vacation photos here.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Splurge or Two

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Yes, the main goal of a staycation is to save a bit of cash and spend less than you would on a traditional vacation. But don’t let your saving goals guilt you into not spending any money though!

You’re already saving hundreds by avoiding flights, daily hotel stays, and all of the unexpected travel costs that tend to come up. Let yourself splurge a little extra on tickets to a show or a new outfit. You may even want to treat yourself to a night or two at a hotel in your own city for the best of both worlds.

Need a further push? Here are five times you shouldn’t try to save while traveling—and the same apply to staycations.