How to Ready Your Home for a Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday party can be an amazing experience. You are surrounded with loved ones, good food and drink, and you get to show off your home! However, there are many things you can do in preparation for your soirée that can make it run smoothly and allow you to actually enjoy yourself. Use these helpful tips to make sure you throw the best party of the holiday season.

May I Take Your Coat?

As soon as a guest enters your home during the holidays, they will most likely peel off layers upon layers of coats, vests, scarves, hats, and gloves. To avoid clogging up your entryway, designate a bedroom as a makeshift “coat room” with a few baskets for hats and gloves—because there is nothing worse than losing your favorite hat at a party! Also, make sure to put out a durable doormat so people can scrape off the slush on the way in.

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Tidy Up

A vignette of clay sculptures you brought back from South America may work perfectly on your side table in everyday life, but for parties, not so much. Stash all fragile items and tidy up surfaces so your belongings don’t end up in pieces on the floor and guests have more room to put their drinks, plates, etc.

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Bar Area

Unless you want to be the bartender all night, it’s best to set up an easily accessible self-serve bar in your space. Set aside more glasses than you think you’ll need, plenty of choices for mixers, and lots of ice. And be sure to offer a few non-alcoholic choices.

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Snacks and More Snacks

The best way to keep your party under control is to keep stomachs full! Make sure you have lots of simple hors d’oeuvres and bowls of snack you can easily refill. Also, it’s best to spread out the goodies so people aren’t huddling in one delicious corner of the room. Expert tip: Set out one or two trashcans in plain sight—you’ll be happy you did come clean up time!

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Stage Furniture

Move tables and chairs to the outer sides of the room to facilitate mingling. If you have extra fold-up chairs, create a few mini seating areas along the edges of the room.

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Create a Party Ambience

Many things contribute to the ambience of a party including light, music, and temperature. Choose a festive playlist, dim the lights, utilize candles (in non-precarious places!), and make sure the keep the heat on low—a full house tends to heat up fast.

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Are you hosting a party this holiday season? What are your holiday entertaining tips?