How to Reset Your Body and Mind on Sunday

I love Mondays. Annoying, right? It’s almost as annoying as when someone says they *love* running or they *love* waking up at 5am. But hold on a second, put down your pitchforks and torches, and let me explain.

I love Mondays because they’re a fresh start. I have new goals and intentions that I’m ready to kick into gear and new events to look forward to. But I can’t accomplish these goals or have a positive mindset without a little bit of detox, self-care, and reset before the week starts. I encourage you to try resetting on Sunday so that everything in your life can start fresh come Monday — including your mindset.


Reset your hair.

Whether you haven’t touched your hair since Friday after work or you tortured it all weekend with a curling wand, it needs a little TLC. My recommendation: on Sunday morning, try a coconut oil hair mask. Massage about one-third cup (for medium-length hair — adjust according to your hair length!) of coconut oil into your scalp, then run your fingers through your hair to coat the rest of your strands. Pull your hair into a high bun, then go about your Sunday — meal prepping, going to the gym, cleaning, whatever you do. At the end of the day or on Monday morning, wash out the oil in the shower. Be sure to scrub well, and you can even double-shampoo to make sure it’s all out! Your hair will dry soft, healthy-looking, and full of bounce for an automatic good-hair-Monday. And what better way to start the week than by embodying Becky with the good hair?


Source: @theouai


Reset your gut.

After a weekend of *potentially* overindulging a bit… you’re probably experiencing some bloat and indigestion. Try this: mix a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, a tablespoon of water, half a tablespoon of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey together — then down it like a shot. It will help you digest what’s sticking around in your stomach and detox your body. For the rest of the day, sip on kombucha or mint tea and take a probiotic capsule with a meal.



Reset your stuff.

A surefire way to a stressful Monday is by having a cluttered computer and work bag. To combat this, close out all tabs and notifications on your computer. Unsubscribe from annoying promo emails and delete unnecessary items from your downloads folder. Wipe down your screen and keyboard. Then, I challenge you to shut down your computer and have a computer-free rest of your Sunday — your emails can wait until tomorrow.

To reset your bag, dump the contents out into a pile on a clear area of your floor (preferably not carpeted). First, throw away all trash and scraps of paper. Then, take out anything that belongs in your house (Tupperware, your water bottle, that sweater), and put it where it goes. Then, gather up all of your odds and ends like hair ties, earbuds, paper clips, and lipglosses and pare them down (you probably don’t need three different hand lotions). Place the necessary items into a zippered pouch for safekeeping. Then, put everything back in your bag and put it away until tomorrow.



Reset your skin.

Your skin deserves a deep clean to start the week. To start off this regimen, massage your face with an oil-based cleanser. If you don’t have one, you can use high-quality coconut or avocado oil. Once your face has a light coating of oil, run warm-to-hot water over a washcloth and wring it out. Lay the cloth over your face and let it sit until it cools. Then, use the cloth to wipe off all oil. This gives your face a clean slate to work effectively with your cleanser and absorb any products you put on it. After the oil cleanse, wash your face with your typical cleanser. Post-wash, use an exfoliator. I love this one, but you can use any exfoliator you have, including a chemical exfoliator. 

If you find yourself exfoliator-less, use some apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad. After the exfoliator, apply a DIY spot treatment to breakouts made of equal parts turmeric and honey. If you’d like, you can apply your favorite face mask on top of the spot treatment! Rinse off your mask, apply toner and moisturizer, and let your skin glow. This is my favorite mask:



Reset your muscles.

After clenching your shoulders when typing and getting your butt kicked in Saturday morning spin class, your muscles need to relax. When you don’t have the time (or money) for a full-body massage, take an Epsom salt bath. To make the bath, add two cups of Epsom salt (available at most grocery and drug stores) to your bathtub before filling with water so it can dissolve. For a bit of aromatherapy, you can add a few drops lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to the tub. The magnesium content of Epsom salt can be absorbed through the skin, which helps get rid of lactic acid and improve flexibility. The bath will draw out toxins while reducing stress (and it’s also great for period pain). You can even do this while your facial dries from the step above.


Reset your teeth.

If the weekend’s red wine and coffee runs have left your teeth far from pearly, try oil pulling to reset. The action of oil pulling, along with coconut oil’s antibacterial properties, helps to draw out toxins and whiten teeth. Plus, people swear by it for hangovers. To oil pull, swish half a tablespoon of melted coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Being very careful not to swallow the oil, spit it into your trash can, rinse with warm water, then brush your teeth. You’ll have fresh breath and toothpaste-commercial-worthy teeth.


What do you do to start your week on the right foot? Do you have any Sunday rituals?