How to Re-wear Your NYE Sequins for Everyday

Few things make us cringe more than shelling out hard earned dollars for an outfit that we’ll never wear again. You too? So maybe this is one of the reasons New Year’s Eve has such a bad rap. We ask ourselves every year: “Do I really need to buy another sequin skirt I’ll never wear again?” When really, we should be asking ourselves: “What can I pair with an adorable New Year’s skirt to get more wear out of it?” You may be skeptical, but this is indeed very doable. We paired up with one of our favorite Boston bloggers Jessye Aibel of City Tonic, to show us how she shops her closet to re-wear her sparkle celebration numbers for any occasion.


Tip #1: As a general rule of thumb when it comes to your wardrobe, try not to limit clothes to a sole occasion–blazers and white button downs aren’t only for business casual; sneakers aren’t just for jeans and t-shirts, and of course, sequins aren’t just for New Year’s Eve! We love how Jessye found all new ways to wear her items aside from “the usual.”

Tip #2: Go for a casual-fancy, high-low mix. To tone down your NYE sequined number (or any item that is traditionally reserved for evening-wear) add one casual element for each dressed-up element. For example, one part button down (casual) and one dose of sequin tank (fancy). One part Chuck Taylors (casual) to equal parts flirty, sequin skirt (fancy). See where we’re going with this?

Get the look: Sequin skater skirt // Blazer // Sneakers // Chambray button-down // Bag 


Tip # 3: Mix your patterns and prints–sequins can also act as a subtle pattern, so mix! Pair your sequins with leopard, stripes, polka dots, or even a cheeky star pattern like Jessye’s pumps!

Tip #4: Play around with texture–we love sequins because they add an element of texture to any outfit, and add another dimension to Jessye’s otherwise neutral ensemble. You can apply the same rule to other textures, like a bouclé blazer, or a faux fur vest.

Tip #5: Tone down a sequined piece by pairing it with similar colors and tones: light, silvery sequins pair well with soft grays; gold and champagne-colored sequins look great with warm neutrals (like ivory, oatmeal, cream). Jessye topped her sequin tank with a classic camel coat to soften the glam factor and create a more monochromatic pairing. Classic, neutral pieces with clean lines will also help take the focus away from the sparkle if you’re going for more casual styling.

Get the look: Coat // Tank (on sale!) // Button-down // Jeans // Pumps (almost sold out, but also love these and these patterned pairs) // Bag

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Will you take our “shop your closet” challenge? What other ways do you get more out of your wardrobe?