How to Save When Planning Your Next Trip

  • Copy by: Reema Desai

The world of airline tickets, tracking cheap flights, and navigating deals on hotel rooms is, quite frankly, a pretty strange one. We’re all left wondering if there is a top secret formula savvy travelers use to score the best flight deals and discounted hotel rooms—and it’s not always clear what that formula is exactly. Where do we (us normal average travel folk) begin? And why do I somehow always end up in the middle seat? While there isn’t one magical answer, these simple tips and tricks will help you achieve affordable travel. And may even take the stress out of trip planning. Happy travels!

1. Last minute deals

The borderline obsessive planner in me cringes at this, but there are some incredible last minute deals to be had. Sites like Expedia or Cheap Carribean have entire sections dedicated to travelers looking for a quick turnaround deal. Hotel Tonight specializes in last minute hotel bookings (you can book up to seven days in advance) that are both affordable and stylish. Whether you need a hotel, flight or an all-inclusive vacation, the travel industry as a whole offers deep discounts for these last minute bookings to avoid unsold rooms or empty seats. If you don’t have a strict timeline or find yourself wanting to get away on a whim, this option might be perfect for you. Remember, last minute travel doesn’t mean you can’t go on a well-planned, thoughtful trip! The key is simply to be ready to book at a moments notice (and be flexible!). Maybe good things really do come to those who wait.



This website is a lifesaver. If you’ve never heard of it, do yourself a favor and bookmark it immediately! Skyscanner compiles flight data from hundreds of airlines in order to provide you with the best deals on flights. In addition, the site allows you to customize your search depending on how flexible you are on dates and locations. For example, if you want to take a vacation in the month of March and have a few destination ideas in mind, Skyscanner will do all of the legwork for you. Simply enter your home city and the dates (exact dates or review prices for a whole month) and set the destination airport to “everywhere.” The site will show costs to travel to just about any city in the world. This feature is helpful when you have a budget of say, $500, but are unsure how far you can go. Hipmunk is another good resource that allows you to review flight costs over the course of a month.


3. Be flexible

Deep breath, my fellow type-A ladies. Sometimes it can be hard, but one of the absolute best ways to save on your next vacation is to be flexible in any and all ways possible. I’ve been known to take it to the next level when it comes to planning a trip so this was certainly a hard one for me to accept. Even just the tiniest ounce of flexibility can really help! This includes things like adjusting the timing of your trip to avoid traveling during high season or flying on a weekday morning instead of on a weekend. Also, be strategic in your planning. Obviously everyone wants to escape winter weather and travel to the Caribbean in mid-January but it’s also one of the most expensive times to travel to the region. So something as simple as waiting until March or April can save hundreds of dollars on flights and hotels. Also consider alternative lodging such as apartment rentals or hostels which are often much more affordable (but still comfortable and stylish) than your average hotel. If your vacation itinerary is a whirlwind of five cities in two weeks, consider paring down a bit. You’ll save on transportation, and you’ll find the trip more enjoyable if you aren’t unpacking and repacking every other day. When you’re traveling, plans change often and unexpected surprises come up. Being flexible and keeping an open mind from the get-go will make your entire trip more enjoyable.


4. Consider Nearby Airports

Many major cities in the U.S. and abroad have secondary airports that can often be much cheaper than the main city airport. Why? Landing fees vary from airport to airport and can play a big role in the cost of the ticket. Flying to or from an airport that has lower fees can ultimately mean lower prices for you. If you’re flying to or from a smaller airport (especially if your airport is regional instead of national or international), the limited number of available flights and airlines can drive the cost up. The bottom line is that airlines have a complicated system that determines ticket prices, and your best bet is to check nearby airports. Sites like Travelocity and Skyscanner allow you to search for nearby airports (and are a great place to start). Why fly to Miami when you can fly to Ft. Lauderdale (just 30 miles away) for $150 cheaper? Tip: Factor in extra ground transportation costs to ensure that you’re actually saving money by flying to a secondary airport. The last thing you want is to spend even more money and time on transportation when you arrive.


5. Loyalty Programs

Building a relationship with an airline or hotel via loyalty programs can be a huge money saver. This option takes a bit more research, but if you frequent the same airports or hotels, a loyalty program is a great option! Since it feels like there are approximately two million different airline and hotel loyalty programs (just me?) each with their own pros and cons, take the time to sit down and assess your travel needs. Some programs are free while others require you to sign up for a credit card and pay an annual fee. Think about the places you travel to most frequently. Include cities you travel to in order to see family, places you go for work, or even the city you’re originally from. What airlines fly out of those locations and which one are you flying with the most? Are there certain hotels you go back to time and time again? This can help you determine which program makes sense for you. All of your hard work will pay off when you enroll in a program—enjoy free checked baggage, priority check in, free wifi, and discounted upgrades. Happy trails!

  • Melissa

    I work for a fantastic company called Travelzoo which also helps with deals on some killer vacations! Check them out too!

    • Thanks for the tip, Melissa!

  • Becky

    Skyscanner is AMAZING!!! My hubby and I are wanting to go to Europe for our Anniversary and that site is like no other! Thank you so much for the tip!

    • I love using skyscanner too!! (even if I’m just having a browse). I always use it to find the best deal I can and then book the flight through the carrier’s website. I love that they compare flight prices for all the big carriers.

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • These are a great list of resources for traveling! I’ll definitely check them out.

  • Awesome resource list!

    I’ve recently started using the app HOPPER which finds the cheapest flight times by using a colour coded calendar. Generally flying on a Tuesday and home on a Thursday is the most affordable, as well experts say the 6 week out mark is the best time to book air travel (except at busy holiday times)

    For hotels, I find tripadvisors or Google search gives the best prices as it cross compares many sites.

  • Hopper is great for flights. And ALWAYS sign up for loyalty programs, especially if you travel a lot or use a credit card a lot. I have the Starwood Amex, and I plan on using the points for all my hotel rooms for the foreseeable future!

    Ladies at the Bar

    • Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try out Hopper next time!

  • This is a great post. I’m actually going to use this to book my upcoming trips this spring.

  • Great post ! I already used Skyscanner and I really enjoy it ! It´s very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  • kate_quinn_1

    Great post, a little late to the party – but if anyone is looking for a great travel card to save money on flights, etc., Chase Sapphire is a great option. Check it out:


  • The last minute deals and Skyscanner are the best one to deal.

  • Daniel

    Here’s another up-vote for – It’s a great tool.

    One of my favorite ways to save money when traveling while also staying in very nice accommodations is to use to book apartments owned by local residents. You can often book delightful apartments (or houses) for less than the cost of staying at a hotel or hostel. Especially if you are sharing lodgings with friends of family. AirBnB places are great for stays of a few days or multiple weeks.

    When you are searching just look for flats/houses that are highly reviewed and have high quality photos that let you see in what kind of condition the place is really kept. I’ve had great AirBnB experiences in Paris, multiple cities in Germany and elsewhere.

    Another way to save alluded to in the post was the benefits of hotel and airline loyalty programs. If you are new to this method of getting cheap airfare of hotel rooms you can learn more at or and get started as soon as your next trip. I’ve saved thousands of $$ in airfare with the tips you’ll find on those sites.