How to Style a Coffee Table

The focus of any living or family room lies in its two predominant pieces of furniture: the sofa and the coffee table, the latter of which usually ends up as a stand-in dining table or a respite for remote controls. These two items are usually the first people seek to purchase when they have their first place and are commonly the first to be upgraded from garage sale finds to more costly, investment pieces.

Whether your coffee table is a DIY project thrift store find, a pair of $7 Ikea end tables, or the statement piece you splurged on, it’s worth taking the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home. After all, it’s frequently the centerpiece of many homes, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment.

Including these five items make styling a coffee table an easy task:

  1. Natural elements to add color and bring the outdoors in (especially you,  city dwellers)
  2. Candlelight to add ambiance and possibly fresh scent to the room
  3. Books to entertain visitors
  4. Decorative accents to spark conversation among guests and add interest
  5. Tray to organize the previously stated items

And just like with styling an entryway (and all areas in your home), don’t rush this process. Find the pieces you love, the books you’ll read time and time again, and the scented candle you’ll find yourself lighting night after night.

Scroll through the feature for more tips on styling your coffee table, and remember, most items in the feature can be clicked on for purchase or source information!

And tell us: which coffee table look is your favorite? Feminine elegance, rustic neutral, or color splash?