How to Style a Nightstand

The nightstand is more than just a place to set your iPhone while you slumber. A well-styled bedside table not only helps create a balanced space that reflects your personality and design aesthetic, but its contents should be practical and useful, as well. It’s the ideal backdrop for displaying elegant accessories, eclectic art, and colorful books, as well as an alarm clock and reading light. We asked Jamie Meares, popular lifestyle blogger at I Suwannee and owner of Furbish Studio in North Carolina, to lend her interior design expertise and distinct eye to design three unique looks perfectly suited for a variety of bedroom styles.

Including these five items make styling a chic, functional nightstand an easy task:

1. Clock – up the charm factor with something vintage and analog
2. Lamp – the perfect soft light for reading and relaxing
3. Reading material – so that this month’s Everygirl Book Club selection on hand
4. Candle – unwind with your favorite scent
5. Accessory – a unique trinket, jewelry tray, or vase of fresh flowers help make the space your own

Remember that the nightstand is a piece of furniture you can easily save money on. Take a trip to your local thrift store, scour garage sales and peruse craigslist until you find the ideal piece. If the wood is slightly marred or the color doesn’t suit your fancy, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Reside in rather tight quarters? Consider taking a non-traditional approach and use shelves to maximize your storage space. Don’t be afraid to tackle a DIY project or re-purpose a piece you already own!

And just like styling a coffee table or any other area of your home, it’s important to take your time. You want to ensure you find the right piece of furniture and incorporate items that fit your distinct style and practical needs.

Scroll through the feature for more tips on styling your nightstand. Most items in the feature can be clicked on for purchase or source information!

And tell us: which nightstand look is your favorite? Neutral storage, the bookshelves, or refurbished vintage?

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