How to Style an Entryway

  • Photography by: Danielle Moss
  • Styling by: Alaina Kaczmarski
  • Copy by: Elizabeth Duszynski

The beauty of an entryway is in its subtlety. Consider it one way, and it’s nothing but the sum of its perfunctory parts. But for all its form and function—its call to hang your coat and wipe your shoes—the foyer is, above all else, a first impression. Done right, and it exudes warmth, comfort, and effortless style; it welcomes friends and family and offers repose.

A good entryway should be well-edited. It should allow for quick dashes out the door, keys in-hand, make-up checked, sunglasses at the ready. It should restore you after a long day away and invite you to leave your troubles at the door.

But if your entryway is nothing more than a thoroughfare, a revolving door you rush through in your day-to-day, then this one’s for you. Be prepared to make a statement. Get organized. Let yourself be surprised by the details.

Styling a welcoming entryway is an easy feat if you follow these five simple tips:

  1. Invest in a proper-sized table
  2. Add adequate lighting
  3. Hang a mirror for touch-ups on the go
  4. Use a small dish for corralling keys
  5. Bring decorative accents into the mix

Go slowly. Find the pieces that complement your tastes and echo the aesthetic of your home. Once you’re there, you can say hello to elevated style, tidiness, and the peace of mind that you’ll never lose your keys again.